Translation of shop in Spanish:


tienda, n.

Pronunciation /ʃɒp//ʃɑp/


  • 1

    • 1.1(retail outlet)

      tienda feminine
      negocio masculine Southern Cone
      comercio masculine formal
      to go to the shops ir de compras
      • what time do the shops close? ¿a qué hora cierran las tiendas?
      • all over the shop por todas partes
      • This simply gives shop owners the opportunity to open their shops during a long weekend and provide service to their customers and tourists.
      • By law, video shops and stores selling computer games are supposed to explain the classification system with large posters.
      • Today a variety of shops sell modern Western-style clothing to the Inuit.
      • Corner dairies and shops in Auckland sell pipes for methamphetamine.
      • Now, they are marketed as essential and whole supermarket aisles and entire shops are devoted to selling them.
      • By western standards the city seems poor but there are plenty of shops and stalls open selling all sorts of goods.
      • In some places, thugs resentful of Western influence have attacked shops that sell Valentine cards.
      • EU beef labelling regulations currently apply to meat sold in shops but not to restaurants and other food service outlets.
      • He had been a cobbler, but the building was now a shop selling storage chests and suitcases called The Cargo Cult.
      • Dong got to know the company through an advertisement posted on the outer walls of a shop selling building materials.
      • I caught the bus to historic Scottsdale, which has more than 100 shops and boutiques, selling Indian jewellery and crafts.
      • They import goods from Pakistan, Japan, and China and sell them in makeshift shops or in stalls alongside the street.
      • The 15 cent levy will apply at the point of sale in supermarkets, shops, service stations and all sales outlets.
      • Most shops sell local delicacies such as dumplings in wild ginger flower leaves and Hakka tea.
      • It was lined with shops and stands selling everything from fruit to weapons, and it was swarming with people.
      • Pet shops and supermarkets sell a huge variety of flea dips and shampoos for your pet.
      • She designs framing for art and sells it to retail shops and furniture stores.
      • The goods sold in these shops are a wide variety of household goods and furniture.
      • Most work is found in independent shops selling fabrics, hardware, food, and drinks.
      • With Christmas and New Year a few days ahead, customers have started visiting shops selling greetings cards.

    • 1.2(business)

      to set up shop as a doctor abrir una consulta
      • to shut up shop cerrar
      • business got so bad we had to shut up shop nos iba tan mal, que tuvimos que cerrar (el negocio)
      • to talk shop hablar del trabajo

  • 2US

    (feminine plural) manualidades

intransitive verb

  • 1

    hacer compras
    to go shopping ir de compras / de tiendas
    • I have no time to shop during the week no tengo tiempo de hacer compras durante la semana
    • I don't shop there yo no compro allí
    • we spent the whole afternoon shopping pasamos toda la tarde haciendo compras
    • to shop for sth
    • we were shopping for Christmas presents estábamos comprando los regalos de Navidad
    • she went shopping for a winter coat salió a buscar un abrigo de invierno

transitive verb

  • 1Britishslang

    (inform on)
  • 2US

    (visit store)