Translation of shopfront in Spanish:


fachada, n.



  • 1

    (de una tienda) fachada feminine
    • We need incentives to improve shopfronts and to encourage more distinctive independent shops back into the centre.
    • ‘Both these shops have given the area a lift and made it worth visiting by retaining and just maintaining original shopfronts,’ the society said.
    • The preservation of traditional shopfronts has not hindered commercial progress and is a credit to many of our local Chambers of Commerce.
    • Jack Dylan's Jewellers on Shop Street was named as having the best shopfront in the western region and proprietors Sean and Bernie were delighted with the award.
    • A building preservation trust which is restoring a derelict property in the centre of Rochford has been told it must keep a former shopfront, even though it will be a home in future.
    • The council's crackdown has also extended to other areas in which people breach planning controls - from overgrown, unsightly gardens to garish shopfronts.
    • Midway between the hotel and the theatre I passed a series of shopfronts which, at first glance, appeared to have been converted into squats.
    • Modestly clad women appear as newsreaders on TV, while sexually suggestive Hindi film posters adorn shopfronts about town.
    • Proposals include brightening up shopfronts and making new pedestrian areas leading onto Drake Street.
    • People don't consider that their old farm buildings or the shopfronts in their towns are heritage, but do think that the ruined castle or abbey is.
    • Sand covers Swan Street and the wooden shopfronts are overhung by balconies.
    • The gunmen sprayed the shopfront, shattering glass and pock-marking the walls as holidaymakers screamed and ducked.
    • The contrast with Ireland is stark, where most listed buildings in our provincial towns are distinguished by plastic windows and inappropriate new shopfronts.
    • Funding will also be available for the reinstatement of traditional shopfronts or other architectural features.
    • In between Wanee's dingy store and those new monoliths sits a line of shuttered shopfronts with ‘for sale’ signs.
    • Castle Point Council gave permission to change the use of the premises, near the junction with Hatley Gardens, and for alterations to the shopfront.
    • Sydney's sole flirtation with the horror of British post-war tower block public housing looms large on the Redfern horizon and tellingly, most shopfronts in the commercial hub still have Beirut Blinds.
    • Traditional shopfronts are being replaced by less attractive modern shopfronts.
    • There are also shots from inside factories set up behind shopfronts across the western suburbs, graphically illustrating health and fire hazards.
    • Passengers were boarding a double-decker in Crawley, West Sussex, when another bus hit it from behind before crashing into a shopfront.