Translation of short circuit in Spanish:

short circuit

cortocircuito, n.

Pronunciation ///ʃɔrt ˈsərkət/


  • 1

    cortocircuito masculine
    • The hardware has been redesigned to prevent damage caused by short circuits or power surges.
    • They believe the fire might have been started by a spark from a short circuit or spilled flammable liquid carried by a passenger.
    • Other features include thermal shutdown protection, to protect against short circuits.
    • Brown tree snakes crawling on electrical power lines cause short circuits and are responsible for frequent power outages on Guam.
    • Once the fire was under control, the boat's captain told navy officers that the fire began from an electrical short circuit in the engine room and spread quickly through the wooden vessel.
    • Many of them were young boys whose wire strings hit electrical power lines, causing short circuits.
    • An electrical short circuit was blamed for this fire as well.
    • This increases the current load in wiring, and the PVC insulation melts, leading to short circuits.
    • Investigators believe the explosion was caused by an electrical short circuit and claim that the plant was illegally manufacturing ammunition and explosives.
    • The design of the septic tank should be such that the wastewater always flows in its designated path and no short circuits in the water flow occur.
    • Under the right conditions, these charged particles in the vicinity of the spacecraft have caused massive electrical short circuits in spacecraft hardware.
    • The fire broke out because of electrical short circuit.
    • Investigators believe that a spark from a short circuit dropped into a paint-mixing container and caused the explosion.
    • The balloon deflated over the wires resulting in a short circuit to the electricity supply.
    • You can create closed loops and boxes without short circuits by using dead connectors.
    • There are other instances of these short circuits.
    • The moisture, it was judged, caused a short circuit between the aircraft's main electrical power line and the missile firing circuit.
    • There will be electrical and plumbing problems, such as short circuits and exploding toilets.
    • Another source of short circuits is channels through the sand.
    • The cause is believed to be an electrical short circuit.

transitive verb

  • 1

    provocar un cortocircuito en
  • 2

    (process/system) evitar parte de
    (system/process) acortar tomando un atajo

intransitive verb


  • 1

    hacer (un) cortocircuito