Translation of shortcut in Spanish:


atajo, n.


  • 1

    atajo masculine
    to take a shortcut tomar un atajo
    • The situation will continue to be monitored, and further gaps may have to be closed if they are being used as short cuts along the diversion route.
    • Thankfully I live in the area and so I know a few short cuts, but those that don't were completely stuck.
    • At the moment people know where they want to be and are just taking short cuts across roads.
    • Drivers hunt down short cuts through quiet residential streets in order to get to work faster or take the children to school.
    • ‘People who take short cuts always tend to drive much faster,’ he said.
    • For the less energetic short cuts can be taken back into town after three, five or 10 miles.
    • Mr Collins said creating a bus-only access from the estate to Hilperton Road could create more problems, with residents tempted to use the route as a short cut.
    • I was heading south so I decided to take a short cut through the woods and that is when you found me here, fighting off those two brigands.
    • By flying closer to the South Pole, Fossett took a short cut around the world - the direct distance around the equator is 24,902 miles.
    • Motorists are asked not to take short cuts through the church car park at St. Michael's Parish Church on Stanhope Street due to the danger this poses to people using the church.
    • If they have to go out at night make sure they do not go out alone or take short cuts.
    • The government plans to give towns and cities outside the capital the right to issue fixed penalty tickets to drivers who take short cuts through the bus lanes.
    • My cousins and I were always hanging out together, taking short cuts through each other's backyards to get to our homes.
    • We're always looking for the quick route, the short cut, the way to avoid the traffic.
    • They have emphasised that the walks start in town and finish in town and involve a circuit but short cuts can be taken back to base at many stages on the circuit.
    • We took a short cut through the woods behind the elementary school at the edge of our neighborhood, and emerged at the side of the highway.
    • Everyone will drive round here looking for short cuts and our houses will be worthless.
    • Twenty years before he took over Green Property he married an Irish woman in Ireland and the kick he gets out of describing in detail the short cuts to his holiday home on the Waterford coast suggest he has gone truly native.
    • Sixty people died trespassing last year, excluding suicides, while six children were killed playing on or taking short cuts across tracks.
    • Ignoring it as was my custom, I turned off the main road, and took the short cut through the woods.
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    (time-saving method)
    there are no shortcuts to success no hay fórmulas mágicas para el éxito
    • a handy shortcut to producing perfect ice cream un método fácil y rápido para que los helados resulten perfectos
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    acceso directo masculine
    before noun short-cut key tecla de acceso directo feminine
    • Once you select the album you want to modify, choose File > Get Info, or use the Command-I keyboard shortcut.
    • The strategic interface is mouse-driven with keyboard shortcuts.
    • Instead of selecting the Get Info option from the menu bar, you can also use the Command-I keyboard short cut.
    • The update for the text abbreviation expansion utility added the ability to customize the application's keyboard shortcuts.
    • In the past few years, search engines have been adding a variety of shortcuts direct from their search boxes.