Translation of shorthand in Spanish:


taquigrafía, n.

Pronunciation /ˈʃɔːthand//ˈʃɔrtˌhænd/


  • 1

    (method of writing)
    taquigrafía feminine
    to take sth down in shorthand escribir algo en taquigrafía
    • The chemical formula provides a great deal of information about a substance in shorthand form.
    • When he was just 12, Mr Walton's father persuaded a local journalist to teach his son shorthand in the hope that it would open doors to a better career.
    • Part of the symphony was substantially complete, but the rest consisted of shorthand scribbles and anguished remarks in the margins.
    • Coleridge also gave lectures on general literature and philosophy, which have survived in the form of notes and shorthand reports.
    • Sir Issac Pitman began the first correspondence course for his shorthand system.
    • Otherwise, he would not be able to record the thoughts of Martin O'Neill, and would have to rely on shorthand skills.
    • He even went to great lengths to conceal his work by writing in cryptic shorthand or writing backwards.
    • These notes are almost entirely written in Aramaic in a form of shorthand abbreviations.
    • They condense complicated concepts into shorthand words and phrases, saving time.
    • Each supports the other by writing letters composed of little more than their own shorthand dialogue.
    • Recently an auction of items belonging to Isaac Pitman, inventor of the Pitman shorthand system of writing, went up for sale.
    • Well I guess they do have some shorthand or abbreviations but then, how do they remember them all?
    • He cannot read shorthand and throws Harker's encrypted writings on the fire in disgust.
    • A shorthand system such as the Banff system is completely opaque to nonspecialists.
    • With the development of girls' education and the acquisition of typing and shorthand skills, women increasingly made their mark on this sector.
    • It never prevailed over the more popular Pitman system of shorthand, even though it was easier to write.
    • Her tired assistant sat opposite her scribbling away on her notepad, writing in shorthand every word that her employer was saying.
    • He and his brothers all helped out with reporting and were so skilled at shorthand that each could read the other's verbatim notes.
    • For journalists, it could well signal the death-knell of the spiral-bound notebook with its copious shorthand notes.
    • Each page on the pads is filled with all sorts of bizarre shorthand scribbled in a totally random fashion around the edges.
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    jerga feminine
    'the immigration issue' is shorthand for a whole series of problems 'la cuestión de la inmigración' es una manera conveniente de referirse a toda una serie de problemas