Translation of shortsighted in Spanish:


miope, adj.

Pronunciation /ʃɔːtˈsʌɪtɪd//ˌʃɔrtˈsaɪdəd/


  • 1

    corto de vista
    • To a short-sighted person, distant objects seem blurred, while near objects can be seen more clearly.
    • I was slightly short-sighted, so on top of the eye patch I had huge correctional lenses.
    • Mr Gibbins suffered from a difficulty in giving evidence because he is very short-sighted.
    • Norman took the card from her and held it close to his face as if he were extremely short-sighted.
    • The scientists suggest that the optic nerve in short-sighted users might be more sensitive to ‘computer stress’.
    • Balding, short-sighted, and uncommunicative, he was driven by a powerful sense of duty and was a firm disciplinarian.
    • She was short-sighted, which meant I had to read her everything from the board.
    • For example, a short-sighted person might meet one test for disability, whilst with corrective lenses few would regard his myopia as a disability.
    • Heavy computer use could be linked to glaucoma, especially among those who are short-sighted, fear researchers.
  • 2

    (attitude/policy) corto de miras
    (attitude/policy) miope
    (attitude/policy) con poca visión de futuro
    • But again, such an interpretation would be short-sighted.
    • It is too easy, however, to see this as a simple case of short-sighted cultural conservatism or social insecurity.
    • These are short-sighted, power-crazed, intellectually degenerate, self-serving, morally empty imbeciles!
    • To say that sport is the last remnant of the empire, and that it forces all, irrespective of desire, to run, kick and pant is a little short-sighted to say the least.
    • Unfortunately, they control the oil wells and we've been too short-sighted to cut consumption when we had a chance.
    • And there are other reasons why the argument is short-sighted.
    • Schneier said short-sighted lobbyists were partly to blame.
    • Mr Collins said the root of the problem was the Government's short-sighted fixation on hospitals which meant other health services had suffered.
    • However, such attitudes are short-sighted, at least in an extreme form.
    • More likely this is just some more short-sighted moral crusading leading into what is likely to be a shocking defeat for the current government at this year's election.
    • This is very short-sighted, especially when we again consider real-world usage.
    • But it would be short-sighted simply to lament the mistake and pass on.
    • In humanitarian terms it can be defended, though it often appears callous and short-sighted.
    • This will lead to short-sighted, usually inappropriate responses in the short run.
    • While in some instances the criticism might be warranted perhaps we have been short-sighted, forgetting just what some of these people have done for us.
    • We've written here how short-sighted and destructive Wall Street logic is, and to many it indeed looks relentless.
    • Nevertheless, to stop there would be short-sighted.
    • The decision to end the youth programme at Queen Mary Hospital was a very short-sighted decision.
    • I am really disappointed at this incredibly short-sighted attitude.
    • This way of thinking is short-sighted and serves only to damage the nursing profession.