Translation of shouldn't in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈʃʊdnt//ˈʃʊd(ə)nt/

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    • I reckon the next generation of royals will finish it off for good, so it shouldn't be long.
    • It shouldn't take me that long to do it but I'm sure I can stretch it out a little bit.
    • Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised, given that a trip home will take him five hours.
    • You shouldn't worry, many of us find it hard to be creative enough just to get out of bed in the mornings.
    • If a student is in debt or a bit cash-strapped they shouldn't put themselves at risk.
    • People like you, at your stage of life really shouldn't be working for anyone else.
    • Instead of wringing his hands, shouldn't he be finding out where the van came from?
    • This was a very unfortunate incident and the fact is the horses shouldn't have been there.
    • We shouldn't be there of course, but the people we have there are the best in the world.
    • Tearing animals apart for fun shouldn't be part of a civilised and humane society.
    • Of course we shouldn't cover the ocean with plastic or dredge the sea floor or cut down forests.
    • The moral of this story is that two thirds of the world shouldn't read it, as it will only confuse them.
    • We live in a mixed society now and this sort of thing is disgusting and shouldn't be tolerated.
    • A corollary to this is that you shouldn't assume everybody has to do a bit of everything.
    • Far be it for me to stereotype, but shouldn't she be writing about catwalks and cocaine?
    • He was walking with a stick and I thought he looked awful and shouldn't have gone back so soon.
    • The ban means that any resident who lights up where they shouldn't could face eviction.
    • Maybe we shouldn't be relying on charm as any sort of reliable indicator of character.
    • It shouldn't have happened because you are not allowed to have glasses in the toilets.
    • It may be fashionable nowadays to claim that this was a war that shouldn't have been fought.
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