Translation of shout in Spanish:


grito, n.

Pronunciation: /ʃaʊt//ʃaʊt/


  • 1

    grito masculine
    to give a shout of joy/pain dar un grito de alegría/dolor
    • give me a shout when you're ready avísame cuando estés listo

intransitive verb

  • 1

    there's no need to shout no hace falta que grites
    • don't all shout out at once no griten todos a la vez
    • to shout at sb gritarle a algn
    • to shout to sb gritarle a algn
    • to shout for sb llamar a algn a gritos
    • to shout for sth pedir algo a gritos
    • don't shout at me ¡no me grites!
    • he shouted to her to come back le gritó que volviese
    • to shout for help pedir auxilio a gritos
    • to shout for joy gritar de alegría
    • how was your weekend? — oh, nothing to shout about ¿qué tal el fin de semana? — bah, nada especial / nada del otro mundo

transitive verb

  • 1

    go away! he shouted —¡váyanse!— gritó
    • I shouted (out) a warning les (/ le etc. ) grité advirtiéndoles (/ advirtiéndole etc. )
    • to shout abuse at sb lanzar improperios contra algn

reflexive verb

  • 1

    to shout oneself hoarse gritar hasta quedarse ronco / afónico
    • Then, there was a loud shout and all hell broke loose.
    • She gave out a strong shout, much louder than she intended to.
    • She heard a loud shout coming from the top floor.
    • Just then, an excited shout shifted Brenna's attention.
    • There were dozens of torches on the walls, and there were loud shouts and screams from all around him.
    • They were right behind her, their shouts becoming louder.
    • I heard another cheer go up, and heard loud whoops and shouts.
    • A second later, there were loud shouts from the beach.
    • A shout drew my attention to one of the others - only a hand was sticking out through the snow.
    • Each punch that hit her was followed by a loud shout.
    • Loud shouts, yells, and laughs ran from the tavern and out onto the street, disturbing the town's late night silence.
    • They go off with a very intense flash and a loud shout.
    • He woke them up with a shout for attention that made the amplifiers screech and whine.
    • The shouts grew louder and louder as the guards approached.
    • Meanwhile, the scream cuts off, and is replaced by loud shouts and noisy swearing in Spanish.
    • Then loud shouts and insults were heard in the house.
    • A shout captured everyone's attention, and they scurried down from the rocks to the trickle of water.
    • A shout caught my attention and I heard the soldiers switch their direction.
    • His shout attracted Paris' attention, and he looked over Helen's shoulder at his brother.
    • The superior officer clapped his hands and called for attention with a loud shout, which echoed throughout the hold.