Translation of show-off in Spanish:


fanfarrón, n.

Pronunciation /ˈʃoʊ ˌɔf//ˈʃəʊɒf/



  • 1

    fanfarrón masculine
    fanfarrona feminine
    fantasma feminine Spain informal
    fardón masculine Spain informal
    fardona feminine Spain informal
    • Irwin also remarked on a gallery practice that has occasionally allowed show-offs to pretend they own something that they have no intention of paying for.
    • It's the way we're brought up, in a culture that prizes modesty and adores putting show-offs in their place.
    • After so many years of cynicism, we are ready to declare our own brilliance once more, but this time with a microscope, picking out every last detail, rather than concentrating on the show-offs shouting in the middle.
    • A lot of comedians are insecure show-offs, and not particularly funny.
    • The neighbourhood show-offs decide to have a bonfire party in every street on every night.
    • My arts degree days were essentially high school with more complicated essay questions, featuring the usual parade of show-offs and kiss-asses, vain and lazy professors, and some good people too.
    • Potential contestants have to be extrovert without being annoying, pushy show-offs.
    • When you pray, don't be like those show-offs who love to stand up and pray in the meeting places and on the street corners.
    • But it is still just a game show for show-offs, albeit an extremely funny one.
    • So many priests are passive aggressive show-offs; looks like we got us another one.
    • Let's show the world that we can be lucid and enthusiastic explainers of recondite ideas, not merely the flamboyant show-offs that unfair stereotypes so often paint us to be.
    • That what I believed to be the idiosyncrasies of a crowd of overdressed, overfed, bombastic, uneducated show-offs owed less to psychology than their adaptation to the force of circumstance.
    • Some reviewers have recoiled in horror from the film, denouncing von Trier as a misogynist, a fake, a show-off, an incompetent director, and worse.
    • What else one could have asked for, at a time when such shows had become more show-offs than unearthing the talent of the kids.
    • A certain group of executive show-offs are beginning to smoke cigars outside in a little alcove all of their own.
    • I think a lot of us are insecure little show-offs.
    • I'd be the dad that clowns quite a lot and shows off to the kids and makes them laugh because I can be a show-off.
    • Zurenborg, in the suburb of Berchem, is dizzying, a housing area built for 19 th-century show-offs in an insane blend of styles - neo-classical, neo-Renaissance and Art Nouveau.
    • Maybe it is difficult to imagine these guys as nice chaps when your machismo immediately assumes they'll be natural born show-offs.
    • A commendable campaign against an ill-considered planning decision seems to have been hijacked by a bunch of tree-hugging show-offs with a childish obsession with fancy dress.