Translation of showcase in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈʃəʊkeɪs//ˈʃoʊˌkeɪs/


  • 1

    • 1.1(advantageous setting)

      the series is simply a showcase for its stars la serie no es más que un vehículo para el lucimiento de sus estrellas

    • 1.2(spectacular example)

      escaparate masculine
      he turned the country into a showcase of capitalism convirtió al país en un escaparate del capitalismo

  • 2

    vitrina feminine
    • The first one I saw displayed in a gun shop showcase drew customers like bears to honey.
    • New models are displayed in one showcase, and rental guns are offered in another.
    • Through a parlour scented with incense, I stepped towards beautifully lit showcases, displaying collections of stainless steel and titanium jewellery.
    • Plans are now under way to install specially designed showcases to display all the memorabilia to the public.
    • Growing stacks of finished bowls in the showcase added to the enthusiasm.
    • Over quite a few years I have tested a number of Baer pistols and examined dozens more belonging to friends, or which were found in gun shop showcases.
    • It will not be a conventional museum, with showcases of objects, said Mr Johnson.
    • Over 500 original documents dating back to the 18th century are displayed in showcases.
    • Goldsmiths' works, jewellery, manuscripts were all displayed in showcases resembling shop windows.
    • Later, the staff enjoyed seeing their sand castings displayed in a special showcase.
    • It is shipped after the buyer collects his or her Corvette from its showcase in the museum.
    • Last week, it opened to the public a showcase of selected art works acquired for its permanent collection during 2003.
    • Guiding a group of visitors in the exhibition house, Torihama suddenly stopped at a showcase that displays relics of the pilots.
    • The three women, aged between 27 and 36, were all arrested for the attempted theft of diamonds from display showcases.
    • The latter exhibition has several bright showcases containing minerals of various colors with explanations of the structural and chemical causes of these colors.
    • The hall is offering local collectors a unique opportunity to show off their treasures at three showcases at the museum for up to a month.
    • Cartier commissioned avant-garde Italian architect Ettore Sottsass to curate the exhibit and design the showcases.
    • Down some wooden steps, I find a semi-basement room packed with tables, clothes racks and wooden-framed showcases.
    • Along with the Indian designers, FWA this year will exhibit the showcases by designers from the U.S., Latin America and Europe.
    • The Sanjukta Panigrahi Showcase was the first showcase of the evening.

transitive verb


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