Translation of shower in Spanish:


ducha, n.

Pronunciation /ˈʃaʊə//ˈʃaʊ(ə)r/


  • 1

    (in bathroom)
    ducha feminine
    regadera feminine Mexico
    he's in the shower se está duchando / bañando
    • to take / have a shower ducharse
    • before noun shower attachment ducha de plástico que se empalma a los grifos de la bañera
    • shower stall / cabinet ducha
    • Its white suite includes a bath with overhead electric shower and a wash hand basin with vanity unit.
    • Volunteers are asked to provide a spare room, a warm evening meal, a shower or bath, clean clothes, and facilities to wash their clothes.
    • The bathroom also has a bath and an electric shower.
    • The fully tiled en suite bathroom includes an electric shower, wash basin set in a ceramic storage unit and a toilet.
    • The building has a small lift and the rooms have running water, baths and hot showers and the caretaker has a television.
    • As he stood in the shower with the warm water pouring over his body, he thought long and hard about everything.
    • I stood under the shower and let cool water run through my hair and down my body.
    • I welcomed the soothing feeling of the water sliding off me and just stood under the shower, soaking in the fresh scent of the soap and water.
    • Standing under the shower and had hoped that the water would wash away some of the pain that he was experiencing.
    • He argued that people needed to do more with ‘greywater’ - the water from showers and washing.
    • He stood in the shower, feeling the hot water wash down his body.
    • Angel had instantly stripped her clothes and now stood under the shower letting the warm water rush over her body.
    • Graywater recycling funnels water from baths, showers and sinks into the garden, where action by plant roots breaks it down.
    • These thoughts passed through my mind as I stood waiting for the shower to run warm enough for a bath.
    • A tall slim black headed woman stood in the shower washing herself off after her day of work.
    • One large bathroom, with enough room for a stand-alone bath and a shower, will offer you much more comfort than two smaller ones.
    • The clubhouse has a bar with a large TV screen, changing rooms with hot showers, and the stand for spectators is comfortable.
    • The Hilton provides immaculately clean and private showers and changing rooms, with complimentary robe, slippers and towels.
    • All 108 bedrooms have a private bath and or shower and WC, television, telephone, radio and hairdryer.
    • Legionnaires disease is usually contracted by inhaling water mist from baths, showers and cooling towers or air conditioning systems contaminated with the bacteria.
  • 2

    chaparrón masculine
    chubasco masculine
    (heavier) aguacero masculine
    scattered showers (masculine plural) chubascos aislados
    • it's only a shower solo es un chaparrón
    • snow/sleet showers chubascos de nieve/aguanieve
    • hail shower granizada
    • a shower of arrows/bullets/stones una lluvia de flechas/balas/piedras
    • a shower of sparks una lluvia de chispas
    • a shower of abuse una lluvia / un aluvión de insultos
    • do you think I came down in the last shower? ¿crees que nací ayer?
    • Such is the month of April, but be sure not to miss out between those squally showers of rain and sleet if a warmer spell arrives, no matter how brief.
    • Tomorrow's forecast is for a cold, windy day with some risk of sleet and hail showers, although the worst effects of the storm will have passed by 6am.
    • The conditions had a major influence on this game with a strong, gusting wind blowing up the field, bringing with it freezing showers of rain and hail.
    • This week's cloudier skies can be the start of a brief spell of light showers associated with the front approaching the Cape.
    • Paktia in eastern Afghanistan and Bamiyan in northern Afghanistan also received heavy showers of rain and snowfall after a long spell of drought and dry weather.
    • During the climb weather conditions deteriorated to such an extent that the group and their guides faced snow, sleet and rain showers during the ascent.
    • Frequently within just a few minutes, sunshine, heavy rain showers and hail storms occurred.
    • The procession reached the Jubilee Field just as a brief shower of rain fell.
    • It was very cold with light snow showers, sleet and rain, but the pitch, despite being heavy, was in remarkably good condition.
    • This would often bring showers of snow or rain, and sometime hail.
    • Weather conditions could hardly have been worse for the event with a strong biting wind and frequent wintry showers of rain and hail putting a damper on proceedings.
    • Forecasters said the milder weather should be on the way for the weekend, with snow showers probably turning to sleet and sunny spells across the region by tomorrow.
    • Biting winds, heavy rain, sleet showers and muddy underfoot conditions conspired to make life extremely difficult for the players.
    • The lower-lying southern part of the country was also expected to be affected by sleet and snow showers.
    • The weather-guessers had forecasted possible late-afternoon dust storms and light snow showers.
    • Thursday the weather was lousy with snow and sleet showers being forecast and some heavy falls of snow likely.
    • There will be good sunshine tomorrow but also a few hail, sleet or snow showers.
    • Any wintry showers - hail, sleet and snow - will be restricted to the north west of the country, we might get them in northwest England and Wales.
    • The capital is again bearing the brunt of the bitter weather with freezing winds, rain and hail showers.
    • The subtropical climate brings lots of sunshine and brief, intense rain showers.
  • 3Britishinformal

    panda de inútiles feminine informal
    manga de inútiles feminine Southern Cone informal
  • 4US

    • To make the party more momentous, you can make a surprise baby shower for the guest of honor.
    • There are so many great ideas for making your gifts for baby showers.
    • This is the book that belongs at baby showers everywhere and beyond that in the hands of any man or woman who has an interest in what makes a healthy happy family.
    • Pam's baby shower was the week after next.
    • You could even write part of your baby poems in backward for a Winnie the pooh baby shower.
    • But soon after Jay was shot, she put her dream baby shower on hold.
    • She had to smile to herself when she remembered the kitchen at the Morton's and the strawberries at her mother's baby shower.
    • I guess in a way the get together was a kind of late baby shower.
    • It occurred right after Stacy's surprise baby shower at my house.
    • Audrey always seem to be going to teas, hunting parties, picnics and baby showers.
    • They were planning a surprise baby shower for later that night.
    • One of the biggest challenges for planning a baby shower or any other party is picking the right food.
    • Will the mother-to-be know of the party, or will you be having a surprise baby shower?
    • Going to my sister-in-law's baby shower wasn't exactly my idea of a well-spent afternoon.
    • Yesterday I left work to go to a going away party for a friend of mine but in fact, it was a surprise baby shower!
    • Decorations for Noah's ark themed baby showers are in abundance.
    • Then we had to go and pick out presents for a baby shower and we decided that we would split the cost of the gifts.
    • I was leaving my aunt's baby shower and my mom asked me to go back in for her coat.
    • I have finished knitting the little matinee jacket and matching cap for the Wednesday baby shower.
    • She is the author of many well written and informative articles about baby showers.

    fiesta en la que los invitados obsequian a la homenajeada con motivo de su próxima boda, el nacimiento de su niño etc

transitive verb

  • 1

    the volcano showered ash on the town el volcán regó la ciudad de cenizas
    • to shower sb with sth tirarle algo a algn
    • the bride and groom were showered with rice les tiraron arroz a los novios
  • 2

    (bestow lavishly)
    to shower sth on sb
    • to shower sb with sth tirarle algo a algn
    • congratulations were showered (up)on the winner le llovieron felicitaciones al ganador
    • the country showered him with honors el país lo colmó de honores

intransitive verb

  • 1

    darse una ducha
  • 2

    (be sprayed)
    (water/stones/leaves) caer
    (letters/congratulations/protests) llover

impersonal verb

  • 1

    caer un chaparrón