Translation of showroom in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈʃoʊˌrʊm//ˈʃəʊruːm//ˈʃəʊrʊm//ˈʃoʊˌrum/


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    salón de exposición (y ventas) masculine
    before noun in showroom condition como nuevo
    • The company has a modern showroom where a sample range and catalogues are on display.
    • The showrooms have been in the planning stage for the last two years.
    • The showroom also has on display some cedar wood carvings which artists have made after a visit to Africa.
    • The farmhouse showroom also includes changing room facilities so customers can see their whole outfits.
    • These showrooms now display a combination of traditional and modern furniture.
    • Sometimes it can take a lot of patience to browse through furniture showrooms.
    • At last our front room has stopped looking like a furniture showroom.
    • It closed its doors as a cinema in 1975, and has since been used as a furniture showroom and warehouse.
    • So few newly-weds are buying dining-room suites that they are beginning to clog up furniture showrooms.
    • A burglar who targeted car showrooms was trapped by DNA on a screwdriver discovered at one and a footprint at another.
    • Prices will start from about £10,000 when it arrives in UK showrooms in October or November.
    • You can purchase their products in some of Ireland's top stores or from their showrooms at Bert Cross.
    • This time, larger showrooms and stores arm themselves with more sales persons to manage the huge crowds.
    • However, car sales jumped in October with buyers being tempted to the showrooms by zero finance offerings.
    • In addition, the glamorised park provides art galleries and handicraft showrooms.
    • He progressed to senior showroom assistant at the Twickenham showroom in York Street.
    • Stephen's wife Samantha looks after the room sets in the showrooms.
    • It looked like one of those furniture showrooms where you're not allowed to sit on the furniture.
    • Shop around and visit showrooms to see what is available - anything from minimalist designs to freestanding units.
    • Visitors and buyers can have a look at how handicrafts are made in the showrooms as most of them also give demonstrations.