Translation of shred in Spanish:


tira, n.

Pronunciation /ʃrɛd//ʃrɛd/


  • 1

    (of paper, fabric) tira feminine
    (of paper, fabric) trozo masculine
    (of tobacco) brizna feminine
    (of tobacco) hebra feminine
    not a (single) shred of evidence ni una (sola) prueba
    • without a shred of proof sin la más mínima prueba
    • not a shred of truth ni pizca de verdad
    • Tear one of the shreds of licorice off the big licorice stick.
    • This paper is not exhaustive and has only covered some of the areas in which the Constitution has been violated and its ideology torn to shreds.
    • The form-book has certainly been torn to shreds in the play-off stages of this fascinating intermediate championship.
    • The hard copies have often been torn to shreds, but if a poem made it to my web site it has usually remained.
    • What kind of sport is it that accepts one animal being torn to shreds by another?
    • Its wooing of such a company, in the eyes of many, shredded public confidence in the agency.
    • Most cities had been leveled, economies were shattered, resources completely depleted, and societies torn to shreds.
    • In death, Dorris's reputation was torn to shreds.
    • The first half saw the Waterford defence torn to shreds with just Karl O'Keeffe and Paul Houlihan keeping the home side in the game at times.
    • Rick curled his lip in disgust, slumped in a corner a body, torn to shreds by shrapnel and bullet wounds.
    • By the sides of the road, triangular signs warned us presence of wind socks, but those that we saw had been torn to shreds by the Atlantic gale, and so posed no risk to anyone.
    • His nerves could easily have been torn to shreds following a series of false starts which led to the Greek being disqualified.
    • ‘They weren't eaten, there was no sign of a hungry animal here, they were just torn to shreds by dogs looking for fun,’ says James.
    • At one point, the flags were literally torn to shreds.
    • I assume your values are against seeing people torn to shreds by car bombs.
    • The very fabric of modern society rent asunder, all we hold dear torn to shreds and flushed down the lavatory.
    • Yet the real battle for England is hoping its cricket revival is not going to be torn to shreds in this game by a rampant Aussie team who simply refuse to show any mercy to the old enemy.
    • Bits of dog harness torn to shreds were scattered about.
    • The waves fling themselves at my feet, water torn to shreds - white ribbons thrown across the rocks.
    • The feathers came from Kathy's parka, torn to shreds.
    • Her heart ached as the coldness gripped her and tore the dress to pieces, only shreds of innocent cloth lingering between her forsaken fingers.
    • The federal Liberals have been more responsible for shredding the social safety net than any other government.
    • At the film's end, Harry is left alone in his destroyed apartment, torn to shreds in a vain search for a planted microphone.
    • The hunter is doomed to being transformed by the vain goddess of hunting into a stag, to be pursued and torn to shreds by his own hounds.
    • They found his robes all torn to shreds in one of the upper levels.
    • The policeman noted that there were multiple pieces of the curtains torn to shreds.
    • We want the British constitution torn to shreds and reformulated in the interests of working people.
    • A hare is be given a short head start to blaze a trail, marking his devious way with shreds of paper, soon to be pursued by a shouting pack of harriers.
    • The form book was torn to shreds, however, at Walsh Park on Saturday as the Carrickbeg men totally outplayed a ragged Dunhill side to clinch their semi-final place.

transitive verbshredding, shredded

  • 1

    (lettuce/cabbage) cortar en tiras
    (carrots) cortar en juliana
    (grate) rallar
    (documents) destruir
    (documents) triturar
    • Corsham Town Council is opposing a landowner who wants to use his industrial land for shredding motor tyres.
    • How they all seem so cool and brave, but each of them is nervously shredding the labels on their beer.
    • I looked closer and it ended up being that half the fan belt had shredded itself and torn off.
    • You place them into a box and no sooner is your back turned than they've shredded the box and disappeared.
    • Anyhow, I ducked out earlier to plant the new arrivals before the cats shredded them in their packaging.
    • You may want to consider shredding the leaves and use it as winter mulch.
    • Timber would be shredded to produce wood chips for the production of mulch, chipboard or compost.
    • After delivery to the nursery it is shredded, and then stacked in long piles in an adjacent glasshouse.
    • I run my tongue over it gently, shredding it before grinding it between my well-developed teeth.
    • When I met the other guys for the first time I nervously shredded two beer coasters.
    • In a small bowl mix the juice of the lime with the fish sauce, sugar and the very finely shredded lime leaves.
    • The skin of the oranges is peeled and the peels are shredded into small pieces.
    • The garden shredder also aids in shredding debris from punning your hedges.
    • It will then be shredded and spread across the borough's parks to suppress weeds and put nutrients back into the soil.
    • The tender inside leaves can be shredded finely for tasty salads and braised red cabbage is fantastic.
    • They will be taken to a waste site in Bury where they will be shredded and prepared as compost for farmland across Lancashire.
    • All of the recycled trees will be shredded and turned into mulch, which will be used to fertilise woodlands in the region.
    • The cabbage was shredded and packed in layers with salt, juniper and barberries, pepper, and spices.
    • I poked it gently with the knife, even though I could see that it had been shredded, it had given its life for the family.
    • They are shredded and used again to surface playgrounds and horse training tracks.