Translation of shredder in Spanish:


trituradora, n.

Pronunciation /ˈʃrɛdər//ˈʃrɛdə/


  • 1

    (for paper) trituradora feminine
    (for vegetables) cortadora feminine
    • It consisted of a father and son who had a truck with a shredder on it.
    • The DVD / CD shredder is a no-brainer to use and requires no technical knowledge of any kind.
    • Urschel Laboratories Inc. designs and manufactures cheese shredders.
    • A conveyor then drops the cheese down into the shredder where a set of knives spin at a high rate of speed to shred the product.
    • They now have a bigger incinerator and have invested in fine shredders.
    • When a trucker whose RFID card grants him port access approaches the gate, the gate goes up, and the tire shredders stay down.
    • These tire shredders are incapable of shredding tires in excess of size 17 due to the diameter of the wire in the tire sidewall.
    • In general, all garden shredders have a high watt motor and come with silent crushing system.
    • On the basis that specialist equipment - bins, banks, balers, compactors, skips, shredders - and facilities are required, suppliers must have surety of payment.
    • The DVD / CD shredder is able to destroy data at a very fast rate - up to 30 DVD / CDs a minute.