Translation of shrewish in Spanish:


de mal genio, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈʃruːɪʃ//ˈʃruɪʃ/


  • 1

    (person) de mal genio
    (comment/disposition) malicioso
    • He is married to a shrewish wife who spends her days in curlers and her nights prostrate in their trashy trailer home.
    • Being nasty, rude, shrewish and creepy was very fun to do - I simply pretended to be in a bad mood each time the camera rolled.
    • The shrewish Katharina gives her final speech of submission out of real love for Petruchio, apparently because she realizes he's as mixed up as she is.
    • Paul was more than a little depressed with his shrewish wife Zilla, who constantly badgered him, embarrassed him in public, and treated him like a little boy.
    • He intends to woo her perfectly, by telling her how lovely she is, when she looks shrewish, how beautifully she plays, when she makes horrid noises, and more.