Translation of shrill in Spanish:


agudo, adj.

Pronunciation: /ʃrɪl//ʃrɪl/


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    (laugh/cry/whistle) agudo
    (laugh/cry/whistle) estridente
    (voice) agudo
    (voice) chillón
    (voice) estridente
    (criticism) frenético
    (criticism) estridente
    • Another is that, while there has always been a puritanical, judgmental side to Musar, this voice has grown louder and more shrill in recent times.
    • I suspect they will be even more shrill and irrational while questioning Miers.
    • The shrill sound of the tea whistle gives Beth a reason to avoid the question.
    • A piercing and shrill sound could be heard in the distance.
    • The real show of class warfare is the threatened curtailment of charitable status for private schools and the shrill demand that universities take more state-school pupils.
    • Bombay society is small, shrill and energetic.
    • Kara screeched in a shrill voice while Alex yanked his shorts back on with a bit of difficulty.
    • The shrill voice echoed in the earpiece and Judith automatically tilted the phone away from her ear.
    • His calamitous ignorance of his system's failure, plus his reluctance to acknowledge it once was drawn to his attention, drew shrill demands for his dismissal.
    • But our face-off was interrupted by the shrill voice of a woman who stepped into the alcove.
    • Don't be too harsh, too shrill in attacking the President.
    • Amara could hear her voice rising to a shrill whine, as it always did when she was upset.
    • For the last track on the album, he used 22 violins - no violas or cellos, so you get a very shrill sound.
    • Now, in August, the shrill sound of grasshoppers rang out across the undulating flatland beyond Sand Creek.
    • The parade went on, despite shrill objections from the Vatican and other religious groups.
    • His left-leaning editorial cartoons were, by his own admission, shrill and unconvincing.
    • Unfortunately, much of this criticism has been shrill.
    • Yet the shrill protests from Smith's critics revealed less about Smith's work than about their own false and constructed assumptions.
    • The first time it had happened, Peter was sound asleep until the shrill sound of shrieking woke him up with a start.
    • A shrill beep sounded in the room and I unceremoniously erupted from the bed.
    • The phone rings, a shrill echo of sound from kitchen, living room, bedroom.
    • In a statement read in court, Joan Turner said he used to let out a low whimpering sound and an occasional high-pitched shrill noise which could keep his mother awake.
    • Incidentally not once during the five days did the shrill sound of a whistle disturb concentration.
    • The delegation today is little more than a shrill chorus of the administration's critics.
    • The very notion is ‘insidious, unworthy, diabolical, appalling, shrill and hysterical’.
    • Criticism reached shrill heights during the lead-up to the war against the dictator.
    • The man lifted a whistle that hung around his neck and blew into it, causing a sharp, shrill sound to be emitted.
    • While the semaphore continues with increasingly shrill demands of ‘do deal now!’
    • On the grassy knoll beside the silvery Elephant Falls, a shrill cacophony of female voices compete with the roar of the cataract.
    • Julian winced slightly at the sound of the shrill voice echoing down the halls, accompanied by thundering footsteps.
    • It's a tragic tale but never shrill or sentimental in the telling.
    • The girls on the team have shrill voices and the boys sound like they are 35, made worse by dialogue mixed too loud.
    • So far, his shrill denunciations look pretty poor indeed when compared to the output of other people in the Party.
    • The cave echoed and re-echoed with the sounds of shrill squeals and flapping wings.
    • You don't see him walking around making shrill announcements and talking garbage.
    • And what I found was that the people who were criticizing him were being just as shrill and obnoxious as he was being onstage at the Oscars.
    • The shrill sound of Iris's voice (as well as her sharp knocking on the door) immediately changes the mood in the room.
    • It is too prosecutorial in tone, too shrill in its historical judgments.
    • The only thing the Left offered was shrill ideology.
    • When he thought something ironic, he would let out a high-pitched shrill laugh that sounded like a hyena.

intransitive verb

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    (whistle) pitar
    (alarm) sonar