Translation of shrill in Spanish:


agudo, adj.

Pronunciation /ʃrɪl//ʃrɪl/


  • 1

    (cry/whistle/laugh) agudo
    (laugh/whistle/cry) estridente
    (voice) agudo
    (voice) chillón
    (voice) estridente
    (criticism) frenético
    (criticism) estridente
    • Bombay society is small, shrill and energetic.
    • Now, in August, the shrill sound of grasshoppers rang out across the undulating flatland beyond Sand Creek.
    • Another is that, while there has always been a puritanical, judgmental side to Musar, this voice has grown louder and more shrill in recent times.
    • Unfortunately, much of this criticism has been shrill.
    • The shrill sound of the tea whistle gives Beth a reason to avoid the question.
    • The phone rings, a shrill echo of sound from kitchen, living room, bedroom.
    • His calamitous ignorance of his system's failure, plus his reluctance to acknowledge it once was drawn to his attention, drew shrill demands for his dismissal.
    • A shrill beep sounded in the room and I unceremoniously erupted from the bed.
    • Yet the shrill protests from Smith's critics revealed less about Smith's work than about their own false and constructed assumptions.
    • Criticism reached shrill heights during the lead-up to the war against the dictator.
    • It is too prosecutorial in tone, too shrill in its historical judgments.
    • The shrill sound of Iris's voice (as well as her sharp knocking on the door) immediately changes the mood in the room.
    • The delegation today is little more than a shrill chorus of the administration's critics.
    • I suspect they will be even more shrill and irrational while questioning Miers.
    • The cave echoed and re-echoed with the sounds of shrill squeals and flapping wings.
    • In a statement read in court, Joan Turner said he used to let out a low whimpering sound and an occasional high-pitched shrill noise which could keep his mother awake.
    • His left-leaning editorial cartoons were, by his own admission, shrill and unconvincing.
    • The very notion is ‘insidious, unworthy, diabolical, appalling, shrill and hysterical’.
    • While the semaphore continues with increasingly shrill demands of ‘do deal now!’
    • A piercing and shrill sound could be heard in the distance.
    • Amara could hear her voice rising to a shrill whine, as it always did when she was upset.
    • Kara screeched in a shrill voice while Alex yanked his shorts back on with a bit of difficulty.
    • For the last track on the album, he used 22 violins - no violas or cellos, so you get a very shrill sound.
    • Julian winced slightly at the sound of the shrill voice echoing down the halls, accompanied by thundering footsteps.
    • So far, his shrill denunciations look pretty poor indeed when compared to the output of other people in the Party.
    • The girls on the team have shrill voices and the boys sound like they are 35, made worse by dialogue mixed too loud.
    • But our face-off was interrupted by the shrill voice of a woman who stepped into the alcove.
    • Incidentally not once during the five days did the shrill sound of a whistle disturb concentration.
    • The man lifted a whistle that hung around his neck and blew into it, causing a sharp, shrill sound to be emitted.
    • On the grassy knoll beside the silvery Elephant Falls, a shrill cacophony of female voices compete with the roar of the cataract.
    • The real show of class warfare is the threatened curtailment of charitable status for private schools and the shrill demand that universities take more state-school pupils.
    • It's a tragic tale but never shrill or sentimental in the telling.
    • And what I found was that the people who were criticizing him were being just as shrill and obnoxious as he was being onstage at the Oscars.
    • The shrill voice echoed in the earpiece and Judith automatically tilted the phone away from her ear.
    • You don't see him walking around making shrill announcements and talking garbage.
    • When he thought something ironic, he would let out a high-pitched shrill laugh that sounded like a hyena.
    • The only thing the Left offered was shrill ideology.
    • Don't be too harsh, too shrill in attacking the President.
    • The first time it had happened, Peter was sound asleep until the shrill sound of shrieking woke him up with a start.
    • The parade went on, despite shrill objections from the Vatican and other religious groups.

intransitive verb

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    (whistle) pitar
    (alarm) sonar
    • The pipe music shrilled suddenly around her, seeming to come from the bushes at her very feet, and at the same moment the great beast slewed round and bore directly down upon her.
    • The next day, just one minute before our alarm clock rings for gym time, my phone took a head start and shrilled loudly.
    • When the phone shrilled on his desk, the tone of the woman on the other end was not a happy one.
    • Four hours later my alarm shrilled, and Bob arrived a half hour after that.
    • The whistle shrilled and he moved the kettle to a hot pad on the counter for a moment.
    • Galahs and lorikeets are shrilling and squawking over their territory in the old Norfolk Island pines and everyone is glad that night, finally, has rescued us from the sun's brutal strength.
    • Just when they had arrived in front of Roy's apartment, Michael's cell phone shrilled.
    • Frogs croaked in the ditches; cicadas shrilled in the fields.
    • His cell phone shrilled, breaking his thoughts.
    • As she had feared, the bell shrilled while she was still a dozen steps from the classroom door.
    • Something was shrilling - quite loudly, mind you - directly beside her left ear.
    • Once they and the others have paid a tiny tribute to a few families that keep the market area clean, a whistle shrills and the bartering begins.
    • By the time the final whistle shrilled through Dr Cullen an exhibition of scoring had been given by the Kildavin-Clonegal team.
    • Everyone in the doctor's family is getting ready for a social event, when the telephone shrills urgently.
    • I awoke to find my phone shrilling loudly, as if threatening to fall off its hook any time.
    • The phone shrilled twice before being answered.
    • I woke to hear my alarm clock shrilling at me and after shutting it off I went to have a shower and put some make up on.
    • What will be going on behind the sideline masks they will wear for most of the time tomorrow when the whistle shrills the start of the Allianz Hurling League final?
    • The telephone shrilled to life, and Devan immediately walked over to answer it.
    • Rolan looked away into the distance of grey as a sea gull shrilled into the sky.