Translation of shrink in Spanish:


encoger(se), v.

Pronunciation: /ʃrɪŋk//ʃrɪŋk/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (diminish in size)
    (clothes/fabric) encoger(se)
    (meat) achicarse
    (metal/wood) contraerse
    (area) reducirse
    (area) verse reducido formal
    (number/amount) reducirse
    (amount/number) disminuir
    (number/amount) verse reducido formal
    (person) achicarse
    the blouse shrank in the wash la blusa (se) encogió al lavarla
    • the total has shrunk to two/by ten per cent el total se ha reducido a dos/en un diez por ciento
    • the veal/spinach will shrink away to nothing la ternera/espinaca va a quedar reducida a nada
    • The new process not only shrinks the die size thereby reducing manufacturing costs but will also improve speeds by more than 30 per cent, says the company.
    • Of course he also brought a determination to rebuild the U.S. Military, to cut taxes, to shrink the size of government and he went right to work to do all these things.
    • Technically, silk does not shrink like other fibers.
    • Chemotherapy shrank it to the size of an apricot, but David needed a specialised biopsy to determine whether the tumour was still cancerous.
    • He has shrunk the size of the federal government for the first time since Eisenhower.
    • So the central problem is that we will shrink the workforce at the same time that we increase the number of people out of the workforce.
    • Developments in sub-machine guns since 1945 have concentrated on bringing them closer to assault rifles and shrinking them in size.
    • Amazingly, when he did, the clothes shrunk before his eyes to form a perfect fit.
    • She had radiation to shrink the size of the tumor.
    • Three thousand Opel workers lost their jobs at that time, shrinking the workforce from 12,000 to 9,000.
    • Clothes will shrink upon wish granting, but they never stretch.
    • At the pulp mill, likewise, the workforce has shrunk to a fraction of its former size.
    • Faced with budget deficits when he took office in 1993, Mayor Giuliani refused to raise taxes but instead shrank the size of government and slowly began cutting taxes.
    • Chipmakers can cut costs by shrinking the size of their semiconductors and fitting more on a single silicon wafer.
    • If you wash and dry after sewing up, the material will shrink and the pieces will distort.
    • By shrinking the size of the transistors and other features etched into the silicon, more of the tiny devices can be squeezed onto a single chip.
    • Instead of attacking popular federal social programs, the idea is to kill them off by shrinking the size of government.
    • Will the market for printed Japanese materials shrink?
    • Keep in mind the material might shrink slightly.
    • The workforce has shrunk by 1,000 over the last two years.
    • It has argued that because of the country's aging population and shrinking workforce, pension premiums had to be raised and benefits reduced if the scheme were to survive.
    • Harvard, Yale, and Stanford have shrunk the amount of their endowments allocated to private equity, which includes venture, for three straight years.
    • A flashing icon alerts viewers when mail arrives, and the TV screen can be shrunk to one-quarter size while the viewer reads and responds to the mail.
    • Some fabrics shrink or change shape when washed.
    • The current bearish stock market, rising energy costs, and shrinking family size would all seem to counter this trend.
    • The selling point for the single-chip design is not just shrinking the box size but also lower cost in producing the units because of its simpler design.
    • So, let's do everything we can to grow the economy and shrink the relative size of the deficit tumor.
  • 2

    recular informal
    to shrink back / away from sth/sb echarse atrás / retroceder ante algo/algn
    • to shrink from sth/ -ing
    • I will not shrink from the truth no me voy a acobardar ante la verdad
    • she shrank from actually telling him he was fired no se atrevió a decirle que estaba despedido
    • he will not shrink from doing his duty no rehuirá cumplir con su obligación
    • The lobby was designed so that natural light almost shrank back out of fear as soon as you reached Slotland.
    • Having shrunken back in fear, Anna now found the strength to straighten up again and hold her head high.
    • Clutching my book to my chest in feigned terror, I shrunk back in mock fear and straggled out,
    • The archive page has moved, and has shrunk dramatically.
    • But as I grew older, wiser, the fear slowly shrunk, and the hatred took over.
    • Although private equity investment in many countries was already shrinking amid fears of a global recession, it has now fallen off a cliff.
    • While other big cities see their populations shrink, foreigners are moving in to the capital and boosting the population and it is changing the social and economic landscape.
    • A gleam of something shot through his eyes, and I shrunk back in fear.
    • He moved toward the couch, but she shrunk back like a startled cat at his advance.
    • I encouraged people not to shrink in fear and self-protection, but be unusually visionary and ethical.
    • Lela felt her face pale and her pupils shrink in fear, and she slowly put her project aside.
    • When you put them down on paper, your fears shrink.
    • However, rather than capitalise on the rapport we had built up, I instead shrank back in fear.
    • Claire wanted to shrink back in fear, she never saw anyone look so upset.
    • She shrunk back in fear, shaking uncontrollably.
    • People no longer winced or shrunk away in fear when she passed, and the teachers no longer completely ignored her.
    • Saki shrunk in fear and revulsion as he approached her.
    • Bruno retreats immediately, shrinking away physically and verbally.
    • Have we the moral courage to welcome it as an opportunity, or will we shrink back into fearing it as a threat?
    • However, from the house to Oban on the mainland is a two-hour journey, which for some will be a major asset, although others may shrink in fear at the thought.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (fabric/clothes) encoger
    (costs) reducir
    (costs) recortar
    to shrink heads reducir cabezas
    • to shrink sth on montar algo en caliente



  • 1

    loquero masculine informal
    loquera feminine informal
    (masculine and feminine) psiquiatra