Translation of shrivel in Spanish:


marchitarse, v.

Pronunciation /ˈʃrɪv(ə)l//ˈʃrɪvəl/

intransitive verbshrivelled, shriveling, shrivelling, shriveled

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    (leaf/plant) marchitarse
    (plant/leaf) secarse
    (vegetables/fruit) resecarse y arrugarse
    (vegetables/fruit) perder frescura
    (skin) ajarse
    (skin) arrugarse
    (skin) apergaminarse
    a shriveled old man un viejo arrugado y consumido
    • Jillian felt the covers being ripped off of her and she shriveled up due to the loss of warmth.
    • The insect then loses water, shrivels, and dies from dehydration.
    • ‘Frog legs for breakfast,’ Pierre shriveled up his nose.
    • The grass upon which he had been laying shriveled up, black and as delicate as stalks of ash.
    • The strawberries may have shrivelled up and the cream long since gone sour, but the action on the tennis courts is just hotting up.
    • The flesh of his face looked as if it had shrivelled up, then been stretched and stretched to barely cover his bony features.
    • In good years, the warmth of the sun as it rises kills off the fungus, leaving the grapes shrivelled and unsightly, but tasting delicious: full of the sugar and glycerine which was left behind.
    • Everything comes and goes: the plump grapes shrivel or rot; the baby power can fly away in an errant breeze.
    • Fresh walnuts are simply walnuts that have been recently picked from the tree, as opposed to walnuts that have been stored for a while, causing their insides to shrivel and dry up.
    • Because, you know I figured that it would've shriveled up and fallen off by now.
    • In October, when the grapes have shriveled to raisins, Kister sends them off to a packer for processing and marketing.
    • Like Bhikhu's right arm, this man's leg was shrivelled up.
    • And there it was, all shrivelled up, looking at me.
    • An open can of sardines lay half-buried within the ground, its contents long shrivelled up and well-decayed.
    • After birth, the cord was cut, and where it was attached to your body it shrivelled up and formed a scar known as your belly button.
    • ‘I saw a visible gas cloud come down into my back garden one night and the next day my bush had shrivelled up and half of it was dead,’ said another resident.
    • Monday night the trend continued and I was cooked for again, after we had lounged about in the Turkish baths for a good long while, until we were so shrivelled up we looked like dead people.
    • Place in a hot oven for 20 minutes or until they just begin to shrivel and blacken on the outside but are still juicy inside.
    • Fran also had a problem with her apricots which shrivelled up when they were very small and Geoff thought the really hot weather might have knocked them off.
    • Some of the leaves turned brown and shriveled up.

transitive verbshrivelled, shriveling, shrivelling, shriveled

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    (plant/leaf) secar
    (leaf/plant) resecar
    (leaf/plant) marchitar
    (skin) ajar
    (skin) arrugar
    (skin) apergaminar