Translation of shroud in Spanish:


mortaja, n.

Pronunciation: /ʃraʊd//ʃraʊd/


  • 1

    (for corpse)
    mortaja feminine
    sudario masculine
    a shroud of mystery/secrecy un velo de misterio/silencio
  • 2

    obenque masculine

transitive verb

  • 1

    to be shrouded in sth
    • the town was shrouded in fog/gloom un velo de niebla/de tristeza envolvía la ciudad
    • a case shrouded in mystery un caso rodeado de misterio
    • The burial shroud was lying where the body had been placed and the headpiece was folded neatly and put in a different part of the tomb.
    • Coffins were in use for the wealthy in the Middle Ages, but many people were buried simply in shrouds.
    • For such individuals, who viewed life as an opportunity to perfect themselves and the world, the shroud and the wedding garment are one.
    • The body is washed and wrapped in a shroud, then cloth, and then sometimes a felt rug.
    • The Kapsiki people of northern Cameroon, for instance, keep a cattle breed (also known as Kapsiki) specially for the skins, which are made into burial shrouds.
    • The Ihram, the two unstitched pieces of white cloth that replace dress for men, reminds us of the burial shroud.
    • Flags are bits of coloured cloth that governments use first to shrink-wrap people's brains and then as ceremonial shrouds to bury the dead.
    • Nevertheless, the image is believed by many to be a negative image of the crucified Christ and the shroud is believed to be his burial shroud.
    • Other important historical contexts for lavish works of this kind were the splendid funerary shrouds placed in royal burials.
    • The two men run to the tomb, find it empty, with the shroud and head cloth lying there separately, and, astonished, they return to their dwelling.
    • Her burial shroud was tattered and ripped, her feet were stripped to the bone and a disgusting, black tongue wriggled around in her mouth.
    • Sometimes the quilts are eventually used as a shroud for burial.
    • The body is ritually bathed and wrapped in a white shroud in preparation for burial.
    • The Bible tells that Christ's body was taken down from the cross, wrapped in a linen shroud and placed in his tomb.
    • The dead would seem to have gone to their pyres dressed rather than in shrouds.
    • In the film she is shown wrapped in a burial shroud in her fathers arms - the nurses were sure she was going to die so her grave had already been dug.
    • Flowers are particularly prevalent, perhaps a harking back to an earlier source, the distinctive lambamena burial shroud.
    • Believers want to prove that the shroud is not art, that it is the one, true burial shroud.
    • Many of these rhetorical expressions are also woven into lambamena, or burial shrouds.
    • The fact that vanillin can not be detected in the lignin on shroud fibers, Dead Sea scrolls linen, and other very old linens indicates that the shroud is quite old.
    • The next day the body is washed, placed in shrouds (burial cloths), and laid on a bed for a final viewing.
    • The dead are washed, wrapped in seamless shrouds, and buried in graves facing Mecca without coffins or markers.
    • The sound of his voice brought numerous sailors from all parts of the ship, including the shrouds and mast.
    • The rig is a simple deck-stepped mast-head sloop with single upper shrouds and spreaders, double lower shrouds and split backstay.
    • No one saw the slightly built seaman come on deck and begin to climb the shrouds of the main mast.
    • Seamen scrambled around the main deck, some climbing up the shrouds to tie the sails.
    • There is an anchor locker forward and rigging shrouds are well inboard for easy passage fore and aft.
    • The side decks are uncluttered except for the necessary genoa track and the mast shrouds are well inboard for easy passage and improved sheeting angles.
    • The stairways are hung from the tree much like a sailboats shrouds hang from the mast.
    • Additionally all the rigging, anchor ropes, cargo nets, fishing nets, flags and shrouds were produced from the canes.
    • In the fresh wind the vibration of the shrouds as fifty men ran up the ratlines could be distinctly heard.
    • The slapping of shrouds against a mast where a cutter lay moored in the inner bay.
    • Reaching the shrouds hanging from Kaliakra's starboard side, he began his ascent.
    • Unknown to her guardian, she spent the whole day climbing up and down the shrouds, gazing off the port bow and hauling with the rest of the crew.
    • Three upright ring shrouds, housing the air propellers and standing upright at the back of the ship, give the Zubr its distinctive appearance.
    • The task required us to remove the trailing-edge flap shrouds.
    • Rigging shrouds are set well inboard to allow effective sheeting angles and easy passage on either side.