Translation of Shrove Tuesday in Spanish:

Shrove Tuesday

martes de Carnaval, n.

Pronunciation /ˌʃrəʊv ˈtjuːsdeɪ//ˌʃroʊv ˈt(j)uzdi/


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    martes de Carnaval masculine
    • So, as today is Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day, I shall try to assist you in not making lumpy batter or burning down your kitchens.
    • Tower Hamlets, in East London, acted after objections to pancakes being served on Shrove Tuesday.
    • The event is being organised by the town council and the town centre management partnership to celebrate Shrove Tuesday.
    • It was all part of Pancake Day, a national community event run by the Uniting Church of South Australia to celebrate Shrove Tuesday on February 24.
    • It was Shrove Tuesday yesterday, a day to eat pancakes, so they say.
    • The Mayo General Hospital Shrove Tuesday table quiz took place in the Traveller's Friend Hotel.
    • Some older men also had a custom of not getting there hair cut between Shrove Tuesday to Easter Monday as their own deed for Lent.
    • This Nettle kail was in some regions a traditional dish for Shrove Tuesday, or to celebrate the arrival of spring.
    • In Elizabethan times the first of the dates associated with Easter, Shrove Tuesday, could fall as early as 3 February or as late as 9 March.
    • It will be remembered that, instead of the Shrove Tuesday lunch this year, the social committee held a pancake evening which had to take place in church.
    • The proceeds for the Shrove Tuesday event at the store, in Turner Rise, Colchester, will go to helping people with cerebral palsy.
    • On Shrove Tuesday, Julie sent her off to school with a traditional Mardi Gras king cake.
    • On Shrove Tuesday, people still go sledding to make flax plants grow taller.
    • Pupils at Sutton Veny Primary School celebrated Shrove Tuesday with a Portuguese carnival day on Tuesday.
    • Today, Tuesday, February 8th is Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day as it is often referred to.
    • So, enjoy Shrove Tuesday because tomorrow it will be time to enter the desert and come near to God.
    • The celebration begins on January 6 and culminates on Mardi Gras day, Shrove Tuesday.
    • The traditional, meatless Shrove Tuesday meal (the day before Lent) centers on pea soup and rye bread or pancakes.
    • With Shrove Tuesday being today, this week we are giving you two recipes for pancakes.
    • The Rotary Club of Waterford will host a Pancake Day Afternoon tea for Senior Citizens on Shrove Tuesday, February 8.

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    • Pancake Day