Translation of shrub in Spanish:


arbusto, n.

Pronunciation /ʃrəb//ʃrʌb/


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    arbusto masculine
    mata feminine
    • Hundreds of trees and shrubs will be planted at Croome Park during December.
    • A few white fairy lights can add a sprinkle of magic among the winter foliage of evergreen trees and shrubs.
    • It is a good time to plant bare rooted shrubs and trees while the weather stays mild and the ground is still workable.
    • The new graveyard garden will have extra shrubs planted with existing trees left undisturbed.
    • Plants, trees and shrubs have been planted and the area has been fenced off to help secure the area.
    • As the leaves open on most trees and shrubs, a haze of light green surrounds the plants and herbs of the garden.
    • This is a tranquil space which is sheltered by trees and has a vast array of shrubs and plants.
    • Most of these species are herbaceous, although some representatives are shrubs or trees.
    • Prevent long grass from establishing itself at the necks of trees and shrubs planted in the lawn.
    • We passed the grove of young trees and clumps of shrubs, and came to the place where the ground began to fall away.
    • Unusual and rare plants, trees and shrubs will be on display with advice from experts on cultivation.
    • Individual trees and shrubs were selected at random from each sub-plot of each forest stand.
    • One hundred and fifty native trees and shrubs were planted on Lackham Estate in Ashlea field.
    • It stands in wooded ground which contains a variety of shrubs, plants and bulbs.
    • The islands are very rich floristically, with a high proportion of shrubs and other woody forms.
    • For a short while, as the leaves turn on deciduous trees and shrubs, autumn colours command the stage.
    • Decorative railings and improved lighting have been installed and shrubs and trees planted.
    • Grassland shifts to larger plants like shrubs and if rainfall is high enough, trees.
    • Now the slope is softened and the garden planted with fine ornamental trees and shrubs.
    • Thorny shrubs planted outside ground floor windows can also be a good deterrent.