Translation of shrug in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ʃrəɡ//ʃrʌɡ/


  • 1

    with a shrug (of her shoulders) encogiéndose de hombros
    • to give a shrug (of indifference) encogerse de hombros (con indiferencia)
    • Victor smiles and shrugs, digs his hands into his leather pockets and trudges on across the damp sand.
    • He lifted a shoulder in a one-sided shrug and then lit a cigarette.
    • All this we could handle with a mere shrug of the shoulders and a wry grin if only the sun were out and the sky was blue.
    • If that doesn't work, he will simply dismiss criticism with an arrogant shrug.
    • Bryce hitched one shoulder in a shrug and reached for a fork.
    • For the third time, I rolled my eyes adding a shrug of my shoulders.
    • You can cultivate a laconic shrug of the shoulders for use when the conversation turns to your putting, or putting in general.
    • In recent years, security while backpacking has sadly become too great an issue to dismiss with a shrug.
    • There is no outrage, just a shrug of the shoulders.
    • While the shrug is a gesture of renunciation, it is also a performance that maintains dignity.
    • He shunted away her protests with a shrug of his shoulders.
    • Shoulder shrugs are yet another effective way to decrease stress, since most of us feel stress in our shoulders.
    • Greer grunted again, accompanying the sound with a short shrug and a jerk of the head.
    • ‘You're not going to stop me,’ Tamora replied with a shrug of her shoulders.
    • His facial expressions, his shrugs, were professional-quality ridicule.
    • Blake moved his left shoulder in a half-hearted shrug and sat down next to her on the rock, carefully cradling his right arm.
    • She gushed while Sol just looked at me with a bemused expression and raised one shoulder in a short shrug.
    • Any restaurant that gets a shrug of the shoulders and a hand waving in the manner of an umpire should consider it a moral victory.
    • I commented with a gentle shrug of the shoulders.
    • What was anticipated as a big fat Greek embrace turned instead into a casual shrug of the shoulders.
  • 2

    bolero masculine
    • Lacy airy knits will be made into mid 1960's empire cape styles as summer shrugs that do the job Pashminas once did.
    • Also key is quirky detail: a velvet ribbon tied at the waist of a jacket; a fur shrug worn over a sloppy knit; a brooch or a corsage fastening a cardigan.
    • Julian Macdonald was master of a sophisticated show that had mink bomber jackets, leather seamed skirts and snakeskin pants worn with fox fur shrugs.
    • Worn with a feather shrug you will ooze elegance and style.
    • Try a furry shrug or caplet or anything with some feathers.
    • Real or faux fur, shrugs, stoles or capelets are also great alternatives.
    • A combination of the two, the shoulder shrug gives you the convenience of bolero sleeves and the elegance of a draped scarf.
    • Also a light brown camisole tank top, and a short white sweater shrug that had a chocolate brown colored tie in the front.
    • We suggest matching a simple camisole with a shrug.

intransitive verbshrugging, shrugged

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    encogerse de hombros

transitive verbshrugging, shrugged

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    to shrug one's shoulders encogerse de hombros
    • Heath's eyes softened and he dropped his hands to his lap, shrugging his shoulders.
    • Most of us have been guilty of shrugging our shoulders in the past over natural disasters in South Asia.
    • She just shrugs, and the jacket begins to slide off her shoulders.
    • In the past this kind of stunt would have been shrugged off as a tasteless example of daytime television.
    • Try shrugging your shoulders up and down and rotating them in a circular motion.
    • The financial controller of a foreign retailer shrugs his shoulders.
    • I turn a touch, stopped in my tracks, to see the bar-manager shrug his shoulder in subdued agreement.
    • Instead of shrugging his shoulders, he became agitated and a sarcastic torrent of words flew out.
    • He pointed at me across the table, shrugging his head in the direction of the house.
    • He answered, shrugging his shoulders and stuffing his hands into his jeans pockets.
    • Carl looked at the man in the corner for a second before shrugging his shoulders and getting up and walking away in the opposite direction.
    • After a few more uptempo hits Joe turned questioningly to one of his musicians, shrugging slightly.
    • He gave her one look before shrugging his shoulders and heading out the door.
    • Annette did a short shrug that I'd seen her do a million times during the interview.
    • It is such a pity that their time and our taxes are being wasted on something which has the majority of our citizens shrugging their shoulder.
    • Ling shakes her head in degust at Ashley, who just shrugs.
    • At the end they didn't actually leave the stage but just stumbled around shrugging their shoulders looking lost.
    • She gave Pete a pointed looked before shaking her head and shrugging her shoulders.
    • Guzman pauses, then shrugs her shoulders and sighs.
    • Cyclist Lance Armstrong, en route to a fourth Tour de France victory, shrugs off accusations that he takes drugs