Translation of shtick in Spanish:


truco, n.


Pronunciation /ʃtɪk//ʃtɪk/



  • 1

    truco masculine
    • This made him look silly, because the whole shtick belongs to a different generation.
    • Now, it's not like Johnny had some former great glory with The Swing Orchestra, but at least they had a shtick, something to work with.
    • It is part of his shtick, his way of underlining the absurdity of the system.
    • Or at least it's the shtick that sets the tone for the evening's witty and intelligible discourse.
    • Sure do - but not when they're dancing, and that's why the whole shtick works.
    • Most comics have to work their shticks and hone their craft.
    • What saves the whole shtick from utter banality is Wang's great location work and his ability to get performances out of even a block of wood.
    • The director doesn't let the shtick stand on its own but instead molds radiant and memorable characters to carry the story.
    • The best bloggers develop hobbyhorses, shticks and catchphrases that they put into wider circulation.
    • Is Jones really flubbing his lines, or is it all part of the shtick?
    • I know Devito was just continuing his Taxi shtick at that point, but I really thought it worked for this movie.
    • My favorite waiter there is an old man who works his charming shtick on both willing and unwilling customers.
    • What we've already got, courtesy of executive producer Jeffrey Lane (Mad About You), is a bawdy night of shticks and bones.
    • But, that is a big part of their shtick and I guess they are stuck with it.
    • The shtick worked brilliantly, granting Farrell his edge but softening it too.
    • It would be easy to say Clark simply needed the time to develop his campaign shtick.
    • One of my shticks is about why we need to do hard scientific research on religion.
    • I believe it is a true sign of a comedian if she can do her comedy shtick in an operating room.
    • Meanwhile, more religions are ransacked for metaphor than Joseph Campbell ever shook his shtick at.
    • Thus, while the music rather than the shtick is the focus here, these songs were actually made to work as backgrounds to other arts.