Translation of shuffle in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈʃəfəl//ˈʃʌf(ə)l/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to shuffle one's feet arrastrar los pies
  • 2

    • 2.1

      (cards) barajar
      (dominoes) remover
      (dominoes) revolver
      (dominoes) mezclar
      (papers) barajar
      (papers) revolver
      • Nevada regulators have gone so far as to informally allow casino dealers to count cards and shuffle whenever the remainder of a shoe favors the players.
      • At the end of each hand, the played cards are gathered together and the whole pack is shuffled by the new dealer before the next deal.
      • The dealer shuffles and deals out the cards face down to the players one at a time, clockwise, until everyone has a hand of six cards.
      • The dealer shuffles, and then deals the cards out clockwise one at a time: four cards face down to each player and four face up to the centre of the table.
      • A second pack of cards is shuffled and the top card turned over to determine trumps.
      • The dealer shuffles, and the player to dealer's right cuts.
      • A lot of what a manager does all day, clearly, is sit behind a desk shuffling paper.
      • He looked down at the floor and began shuffling a paper clip that was lying on the floor around with his foot.
      • The dealer shuffles, and offers the cards to the player on his right to cut.
      • He smiled and winked, then checked his watch and began shuffling papers around on his desk.
      • The dealer shuffles, the non-dealer cuts the cards [but see variations], and dealer deals 6 cards face down to each player one at a time.
      • She shuffled papers on her desk, and he went into his office, made a few phone calls, and waited for the confrontation.
      • During each deal, the dealer's partner shuffles the other pack and places it to the right.
      • How about applying the same tax rules and rates to companies and individuals so people don't spend half their time shuffling money around to minimise tax.
      • This would include bowling changes, field changes, shuffling the batting order, speeding up or slowing down the pace of the game, etc.
      • What if you shuffled a pack of cards thoroughly and turned over the top 10 cards and they were all red?
      • Cole came into his cubicle and shuffled some of the papers on top.
      • Played with a standard 52 card deck, shuffle and deal 4 cards face up into the center of the play area.
      • The rest of those cowardly rats just stared at the ceiling and shuffled their papers.
      • For the first deal a randomly chosen player shuffles, that player's right-hand neighbour cuts.
      • When the banner deal is done, the dealer takes all of the extra cards, puts them back in the deck, and shuffles 2-3 more times.
      • Votes will be recorded on a disc in each count centre and then brought to a central area, where they will be shuffled in order to guarantee voters' anonymity.
      • She shuffled the papers, straightened them, and then filed them away somewhere.
      • Fifty or more counters sit at trestle tables shuffling the ballot papers into piles of 50.
      • The cards in the pot are shuffled together with the discarded cards and re-dealt to the players, so that each player has one card fewer than in the round before.
      • She shuffled a few papers before moving to stand in front of the rows of desks.
      • I could add new entries, shuffle the order of entries and delete entries from this list.
      • She reached into her pocket and pulled out a pack of cards, shuffling them hopefully.
      • This player is called ‘the dealer’, but does not deal - he just shuffles.
      • You then take the other pack of cards and shuffle and cut again.
      • He sat at his seat behind the desk shuffling his papers around angrily.
      • Now that everybody has their cards [each has 12 cards, 3 of each suit], each person then shuffles their own cards.
      • The backs have overcome their attacking troubles, and shuffling players around in positions seems to have paid off.
      • When my turn came, he was shuffling papers around at his desk and greeted me with a flourish of his left arm.
      • The other night, three of us were sitting at the blackjack table watching the dealer shuffle.
      • In lieu of using polls to determine a candidate's strength among the voters, prudent observers will watch how the campaign teams shuffle their money.
      • The dealer shuffles and deals each player 10 cards, one at a time. 3 cards are put face-down in the middle of the table to form the blind.
      • Dexter shuffled the papers in his lap, squinting through the reading glasses that he'd been promising to upgrade for three months.
      • It all seems very dull: shuffling bits of paper in endless files.
      • He was shuffling papers around in a large file but stopped when he saw me look up.

    • 2.2(redeploy)

      (personnel) cambiar de puesto
      (personnel) mover
      (funds) mover

intransitive verb

  • 1

    caminar arrastrando los pies
    andar arrastrando los pies
    she shuffled into/out of the room entró en/salió de la habitación arrastrando los pies
    • to shuffle in one's seat revolverse en el asiento
    • his shuffling gait su andar pesado


  • 1

  • 2

    he walks with a shuffle camina / anda arrastrando los pies
  • 3


    baile parecido al claqué

  • 4

    (of cards)
    to give the cards a shuffle barajar las cartas
    • to be / get lost in the shuffle perderse en la confusión
    • the idea of helping the poor seems to have been lost in the shuffle la idea de ayudar a los pobres parece que ha quedado relegada al olvido
  • 5

    (of personnel)
    reestructuración feminine
    reorganización feminine
  • 6

    (of music on an mp3, etc)
    aleatorio masculine
    I had the music on shuffle tenía la música en aleatorio