Translation of shunt in Spanish:


cambiar de vía, v.

Pronunciation /ʃʌnt//ʃənt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    cambiar de vía
  • 2

    (move, divert)
    he was shunted into the B team lo relegaron al equipo B
    • they shunted him off to the Rocha office se lo quitaron de en medio mandándolo a la oficina de Rocha
    • they shunted us from one window to another nos mandaban de una ventanilla a la otra
    • When it was determined not to be a Rembrandt at all, it was shunted off to a hidden corner The painting hasn't changed, but the meaning of it has for its viewers.
    • He ploughed into a metal container, which was shunted 60 ft before coming to rest within inches of the bungalow.
    • But he'd been shunted into staff jobs instead of command positions in World War II.
    • For far too long now, the youths have had the feeling of having been shunted into the position of secondary citizens.
    • Patients are being shunted around the city because there are not enough A&E beds.
    • Autograph seekers who had waited outside in the rain for hours were shunted aside by thuggish bodyguards as Mr. Crumb was whisked into a stretch limo.
    • Several other Argus executives were also shunted sideways.
    • The train operating companies have shunted all the blame onto Railtrack and have received compensation for delays.
    • This year, the Super League clubs' entry into the competition was put back six weeks, while the final has been shunted back to September 18, ahead of the Super League play-offs.
    • Their sedan collided with an articulated lorry already in the outside lane when they pulled out to overtake and were shunted into the path of an oncoming mini van.
    • Rams boss Jim Smith claimed today's win had shunted his side to within five points of their 39-point target for safety and praised his defence for another sterling rearguard performance.
    • Travellers are shunted into sites that are like urban slums, only without the amenities.
    • He shunted firmly into the sidings the prospect of granting long-term rights to run certain services, seeking to speed the pace of improvement.
    • All four West Lothian candidates were shunted out.
    • The waiting list report from Audit Scotland, while clearing trusts of fiddling figures, found some operating a two-tier system, with patients being shunted on to ‘deferred’ lists.
    • A lorry nine times the weight of the minibus struck the bus head-on, flipping it over and over, and shunting it back up the hill.
    • After the merger of her company, Anna, a divorced mother, finds herself suddenly removed from her old position and shunted about, even humiliated.
    • Eddie's going to show Carr what was lost by shunting him to the backbench.
    • The trouble with labelling fiction is that it can get shunted into the sidings of literature.
    • A surfeit of properties being shunted onto the market by owners keen to cash in and growing concern over the number of Leith harbour developments are being blamed.
    • It is an ability that stood in him good stead as he was shunted around the back three until eventually finding his way back to his natural starting position at No.10.
    • They mainly involved cars skidding into fence posts and shunting other vehicles.
    • He attempted to cover up his blunders by shunting the blame onto dead subordinates.
    • Left with nothing but the clothes on his back, he was shunted between neighbours in Ruxley Lane and grandparents in Clapham and Croydon.
    • To top it all, heads of civic organisations were shunted out to inconspicuous postings when major projects were in crucial stages.
    • Other cases have seen thieves shunt a vehicle and confront the owner after they leave their car to inspect the damage.
    • Originally sited in the Guildhall, it was soon shunted off to Exhibition Buildings, then, 50 years ago, to West Bank Park.
    • The chances of his enemies shunting him onto the back benches have not.
    • In Ohio, more than 155,000 voters were shunted to these second-class ballots.
    • As the second vehicle was shunted to the side of the road, officers saw Smith apparently waving a weapon.
    • Thank you for coming and helping us and liberating us, but that doesn't mean shunting us to the sides.
    • It is hardly a secret that one of the main reasons he was shunted out of the cabinet and into the party organisation was the friction that had risen between him and Advani.
    • The result is that patients from far-flung areas have begun to displace local patients, causing the latter to be shunted elsewhere or simply refused admission.
    • When a freelance writer in his fifties or sixties once came in to pitch stories, uninterested senior editors shunted him down to Macfarlane.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    the buses shunt to and fro between the airport and the town los autobuses van y vienen del aeropuerto a la ciudad
    • Even the sound of trains shunting in sidings has been asked for, according to a new review of funeral ceremonies.
    • The train was eventually shunted to Kildare where it was left standing for another 40 minutes or so until a replacement engine arrived.
    • At the same time the theatre management approached the railways and the trains stopped shunting in the evenings.
    • Efficiency and continuity probably do require that the train be shunted into a well-prepared and easily accessible Belgian siding.
    • The train shunted forward and back unbalancing the mouse and forcing him to grip my arm with his sharp claws to avoid falling to the floor.
    • Eventually got to work 35 minutes late, once the offending train had shunted into the sidings.
    • The North Korean side said the accident was between two train wagons that were being shunted on a siding, not a collision of two trains as had been previously believed.
    • The engine of the goods train is shunting by the track near the godown.
    • How do you coordinate and shunt trains so they don't smash into each other while going in opposite directions on the same track?
    • The engine won't have to shunt and pull, there will be a loop.
    • Details are sketchy, but it seems that on Thursday, two trains carrying high explosives were being shunted in a freight yard, when they came into contact with a power line.
    • All the passengers were told that our train would be shunted across the suburbs to join up with the other train, now waiting for us at another terminus, and this would take two or three hours.
    • Spirits lifted as the train shunted into Kilmarnock, passengers disembarking with a spring in their step and £signs in their eyes in readiness for the spring sale.
    • Special trains were shunted into the sidings about twice a week with building materials for the aerodrome which was being built then.
    • At Steeton railway station at a quarter to five on the morning of October 11, 1943, the Leeds-Edinburgh express collided with a freight train being shunted into a siding.
    • The train was shunted onto a siding and wreckage was strewn along 200 yards of track.
    • When these working-class allies tried to send a delegation to the capital, hostile railway workers shunted their train into a siding and left them stranded.
    • A grand total of six trains per day shunts through Fearn.
    • We wandered past many carriages waiting for the shiny new engine to shunt around to the front of the train.
    • Then one morning they awaken to find wild animals in an abandoned circus train which has been shunted off to the wrong station.


  • 1

    • 1.1Railways

      empujón masculine
      • The countless mini-roundabouts popping up where there just simply isn't room for a roundabout is another danger, increasing the number of small shunts & bumps.

    • 1.2informal (crash)

      choque masculine
      • Rear-end shunts alone cost UK plc in the region of £3bn annually, when medical treatment and time off work are factored in.
      • Set to rejoin the Porsche Club Championship, meanwhile, is Mark Lillington in a 968CS that has been reshelled after a major shunt at Brands in September 2004.
      • Meanwhile, an advanced new system with brake support and automatic braking will help avoid rear-end shunts.
      • No one likes crashing and it was obviously a horrible feeling for the next few days after such a big shunt.
      • At roundabouts, zebra crossings, crossroads and traffic lights, rear-end shunts can cause serious injury and, in some extreme cases, death.
      • At about 9am, five vehicles were involved in a shunt in thick fog on the A64 at Barton Hill.
      • Mason who had already won the Dutch championships would have clinched the European title earlier but for a major shunt on an earlier round which necessitated the introduction of the safety car.
      • There was heavy traffic on Sunday because the weather was good and a lot of people were going up to the Dales, but the traffic kept moving, there were no shunts or near accidents.
      • There were a number of near accidents and shunts after the work was completed because vehicles were unable to stop.
      • ‘As a general rule, people drive too close together, which affects the number of shunts we get,’ he said.
      • Keighley traffic police reported that although there were a number of minor shunts, there had been no serious accidents.
      • There was a crash in practice on Fri day, for instance, to go with a couple of shunts in pre-season testing.
      • To recover from the shunt on Saturday and go on to win the second event was very satisfying indeed.
      • Despite a promising start to the race for both cars, the succession of shunts soon took their toll on the machinery, rendering the result immaterial and survival the only goal.

  • 2

    derivación feminine
    • One indication is a shunt or a short circuit of a medium between the common control element and the devices.