Translation of shut in Spanish:


cerrar, v.

Pronunciation /ʃʌt//ʃət/

transitive verbshutting

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    • 1.1

      (book/eyes/window) cerrar
      I shut the drawer on my finger me agarré / me pillé el dedo en el cajón
      • she shut her finger in the door se agarró / se pilló el dedo en la puerta
      • Alex took pity on him, and shut his sketch book with a snap.
      • When they were no longer visible, Quentin moved to shut the door.
      • The day I had closed the windows, shut the door, and walked away forever.
      • You shut your biology book with a thud, and stared at him from across the table.
      • ‘We will shut the door tonight and wake up in the morning with a smile on our faces,’ said coach Gary Parker.
      • Jordan had looked up, suddenly, while instinctively shutting her sketch book.
      • The market was closed and homes were shut tight to the biting wind and rain.
      • He gave the lid a strong push and then clasped the latch, shutting the trunk.
      • Vincenzo closes and locks the door, and shuts the drapes.
      • He crawled back out of his bed and crossed him room to shut his bedroom door before pulling his T-shirt over his head and slipping out of his jeans.
      • The man, 27, dragged the terrified child into his house, locked the door, shut the curtains and pulled her to the floor, a court heard.
      • The sound of the front door opening and slamming shut a second later broke the silence between us.
      • Xander snapped his head up when the front door was opened and shut a second later.
      • He shuts his locker door, maybe a little more harshly than usual, and just kind of gives me this stare.
      • I shut my eyes and moved blindly forward, towards that door.
      • At four I got up and prowled the flat, checking doors and windows were shut, uncomfortable and alone.
      • They climb out of their dark, slick Mercedes silently, slamming the doors rather than shutting them.
      • Just as the girl shut the door Yuki pulled herself upright and staggered to the bed.
      • He shut the window, shut the blinds, and opened the door, all while little Giovanni was watching.
      • Don't keep your bedroom door and windows shut all day long.
      • I ran into the house and slammed shut the sliding glass door.
      • The pages began to move, but Lombard shut the book before he could see what his question had conjured.
      • But the second seed shuts the door and moves into the semi-finals on her second match point.
      • Brett said brusquely, shutting the passenger side door and hurrying around to open his own.
      • Laughing, she ran for the bathroom and shut the door right before he slammed against it.

    • 1.2

      (store/business) cerrar
      • Councillors backed the principle of keeping Bardsea loos open while other sources of funding such as shutting Aldingham toilets were explored with the parish councils.
      • Recently it announced plans to shut the Frenchay hospital, consolidating its acute services on its Southmead site.
      • The inquest heard the crossing is closed off by an iron gate either side of the railway track which are opened and shut by motorists as they pass through.
      • That is not because the business will be shut, but because the business cannot afford to pay them on a public holiday, and it will come to other arrangements.
      • Macys, which claims to be the world's biggest department store, was also shut for a time.
      • Last year, the board announced it would be shutting the Scottish Churches Open College, which offers a range of diploma and degree courses.
      • Businesses that were shut in the afternoon have reopened, and it's looking like things are slowly getting back to normal.
      • The wading pool has been shut but the swimming complex remains open.
      • State and local investigators blamed the accident on a maintenance error that left open a natural gas valve as the boiler was being shut for routine service.
      • Rochdale Council's Education Department is proposing to shut Alf Kaufman School in Norden next September.
      • I think that bad zoos should be shut, but it is essential to keep open and well funded those which do vital conservation work open.
      • In an amazing show of respect, shops and businesses will shut for up to three hours - as a mark of respect and to allow staff to watch the funeral.
      • The coffee shop at the rear of large bookshop in Oxford has been shut, but will soon be reopening as a Starbucks.
      • It will also shut is Canadian business tomorrow, and has chopped 25 staff.
      • People worried a right of way to a primary school would be shut permanently have been reassured the closure is only temporary.
      • As a threat, police officers noted the details of shops that were shut.
      • The 14 full-time teachers and other staff were told on Tuesday last week that the school would be shutting permanently in July.
      • The moment one shop opens, others that stay shut lose business.
      • And on Saturday customers bade an emotional farewell to butcher Stephen Smith, who shut his Leigh shop for the final time.
      • As usual, shops will be shut Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

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    I shut myself in my bedroom and refused to come out me encerré en mi habitación y me negué a salir
    • the cat had been shut inside el gato había quedado encerrado
    • Steve's convinced it was done by some ‘yobs’ outside and dismisses those who believe the door was blown shut by the wind.
    • What would you do if I shut you outside, to stand in the rain and catch cold so you died?
    • He has been shut in closets, kitchen cabinets and, once, in our filing cabinet.
    • Christopher tip-toes to the closet and quietly shuts himself inside.
    • He and his fellow guards handcuffed the men and took them outside, he closed the door shut, and the slaves were back to work.

intransitive verbshutting

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    (door/window) cerrar(se)
    it shuts easily cierra con facilidad
    • the door shut behind them la puerta se cerró tras ellos
    • his eyes were shutting se le cerraban los ojos
    • I'm trying to get this case to shut estoy intentando cerrar la maleta
    • The last thing I hear before the door shuts behind me is a laugh shared by the doctor and Jasmine.
    • Then the figure walked out of the room, the door gently shutting behind it.
    • The doors shuts quietly behind her, a feature I wouldn't have expected with the likely temperament of this woman.
    • She took one last look at the people still inside and then turned, stifling the tears and walked out, the door shutting behind her with a hollow click.
    • But as the door shuts lightly behind her, the words she's just spoken suddenly crash in Beth's mind.
    • The broken flyscreen door shut slowly behind her as she let go of the rusted handle, scraping across the dusty fly filled verandah.
    • As the door shut behind him, a thick, insulating blackness enfolded me.
    • Even today, I recall the clamp of the warm hand on my arm as soon as the front door shut behind me.
    • As she leaves, I hear the door shutting behind her, and I am left once more with a silence haunted by my own failure.
    • He stepped out to clean something, and the door banged shut behind him.
    • I hurried on in and the doors shut just behind me, breathless in a kind of disbelief - I haven't had a train driver stop a train for me before.
    • Peer through the dusty glass and you might catch sight of the two thick yellow metal doors behind, jammed tightly shut with no obvious opening mechanism.
    • When I hear what students, purporting to study for English degrees, know and do not know nowadays, I seem to sense huge doors shutting quietly behind us.
    • With a soft grind the library's glass door slid shut behind us.
    • Vincent, who had not moved from where he lay, heard the door shut behind them and the room fall silent.
    • When she went back to get the other two she found the door had shut behind her.
    • Tommy stopped crying and the only thing that broke the unbearable silence of the place was the front door shutting loudly behind me.
    • I entered the cubicle and locked the door shut behind me.
    • Rather, it was like leaving a cathedral and having the doors shut behind you.
    • The tour ends with a handshake and a door shut firmly behind me.
  • 2British

    (cease business)
    (for day) cerrar
    (permanently) cerrar (sus puertas)
    what time do you shut on Saturdays? ¿a qué hora cierran los sábados?


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    to be shut estar cerrado
    • the door slammed shut la puerta se cerró de un portazo
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    (not trading)
    to be shut estar cerrado
    • sorry, we're shut lo siento, ya hemos cerrado