Translation of shuttle in Spanish:


lanzadera, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈʃʌt(ə)l//ˈʃədl/


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    (in loom, sewing machine)
    lanzadera feminine
    • Sara lowered her gaze to the tatting shuttle in her hand.
    • Different colored silks and metal threads have their own separate shuttles and are painstakingly worked backwards and forwards through the warps to create the complex design bands at each end of the textile.
    • Not much later, she was settled into a comfortable rhythm, the shuttle darting in and out between the warp threads.
    • Also on display on the cart are accessories once familiar to thousands of East Lancashire weavers - shuttles and pirns on which weft yarn was wound.
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    • 2.1

      Aviation puente aéreo masculine
      (bus, train service) servicio (regular) de enlace masculine
      I took the nine o'clock shuttle from Boston to New York tomé el puente aéreo de las nueve de Boston a Nueva York
      • shuttle flight puente aéreo
      • shuttle train tren de enlace
      • Free shuttle buses transport visitors between the two parks.
      • Visitors parked about 75 cars there to use the shuttle bus service to the memorial ceremony at the crash site.
      • After I checked into the hotel, I took a courtesy shuttle back to the airport to catch the Blue Line toward Wrigley Field.
      • Each morning a ski shuttle will bring them up to the slopes of Loon and surrounding mountains.
      • So why can't Pattaya have a shuttle bus service with comprehensive routes around the region?
      • There needs to be a shuttle bus service to cut the number of vehicles going to the Infirmary.
      • The council wants the Commonhead park and ride system to save costs by taking advantage of the existing shuttle bus service operating from the hospital.
      • This took time, and as I walked out of the terminal, I saw the shuttle bus to the railway station heading off into the distance.
      • A free shuttle bus service, to and from Hong Shulin MRT station, begins at 1pm and runs every half hour.
      • People assume that driving is the only way to get there, but they should not forget the free shuttle bus from the Metrolink's Stretford station.
      • Paris has two airports, which both operate a regular shuttle bus service to the Disney resort, taking 45 minutes.
      • Why didn't you tell me there was a shuttle bus up to the Alhambra when I asked you for directions?
      • Lynch used to ride the hotel shuttle to the game with former Bucs defensive tackle Brad Culpepper, his old roomie.
      • The shuttle buses have seen a 21 per cent rise in passengers over the past year, breaking the two million figure for the first time.
      • Local businesses reported brisk trade over the weekend, with a shuttle bus ferrying visitors in and out of the town of Ballinrobe all day Saturday.
      • At the Fort Lauderdale airport station 15 passengers de-trained and raced to the airport shuttle.
      • Volunteers who have official accreditation passes will be able to avail of free transport on the shuttle busses to the venues.
      • In light of this, it has come to my attention that the shuttle bus service is now to be re-christened Perk and Ride.
      • Parking at the convention stinks but there's an excellent shuttle bus system which is explained on this page of the con website.
      • A happy tired morning or whole afternoon later, laden with one's bargains, it's back to the shuttle bus for the ride back to Panaji.

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      transbordador espacial masculine
      lanzadera espacial feminine

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intransitive verb

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    (by plane) volar (regularmente)
    (by bus, train) viajar (regularmente)
    diplomats shuttled between Washington and Moscow los diplomáticos iban y venían entre Washington y Moscú
    • to shuttle back and forth ir y venir

transitive verb

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    (passengers) transportar
    (passengers) llevar
    the injured were shuttled to the hospital los heridos fueron trasladados al hospital