There are 2 main translations of shy in Spanish

: shy1shy2


tímido, adj.

Pronunciation /ʃaɪ//ʃʌɪ/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (person) tímido
      (person) vergonzoso
      (smile) tímido
      (animal) huraño
      (animal) asustadizo
      I felt very shy in front of all those people me sentía cohibido delante de toda esa gente
      • don't be shy no seas tímido
      • he's very shy with women es muy tímido con las mujeres
      • he's shy about undressing le da vergüenza desnudarse
      • don't be shy about asking me for money no debe darte vergüenza pedirme dinero
      • Thanks to that shy reader who furnished me with the above information.
      • Cyrio looked up at that, furrowed his brow, then smiled that shy smile of his that made his eyes twinkle.
      • The shy birds were reluctant to cache when observed and often made fake deposits.
      • Tapirs are shy, reclusive rainforest animals that live in nearly any wooded or grassy habitat with a permanent supply of water.
      • I was so shy it was unbelievable and it never occurred to me that I could get into this business.
      • I've found that shy guys tend to go for the real outgoing girls because they're easiest to spot.
      • I've gone from being shy and timid, to being quietly confident and assured.
      • It was a nice day and with no guests about, the oddly shy pony boy should have been out soaking up the sun.
      • The good news is that shy people eventually achieve everything that everyone else does - they date, marry, have children.
      • I had long ago learned that when someone is moving about, in secluded wooded areas like this, the birds are more shy.
      • Build a brush pile near your feeder to make sparrows, towhees, and other shy birds feel more at home, but be sure it won't harbor roaming cats.
      • I never dreamed I would get so close to one of these shy animals.
      • He seemed very shy and nervous, and getting words out of his mouth was like pulling teeth.
      • They are not shy birds and may allow close views as they busily feed.
      • One hundred years ago the shy birds were probably widespread across the North of England, but numbers declined as they suffered due to changes in agricultural practice.
      • We need to find ways of ensuring that shy people can live in this coming transparent society without becoming second-class citizens.
      • He rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment, giving a shy smile.
      • And he grinned that shy little grin that I was learning to love.
      • She was absolutely charming, rather maternal and incredibly shy herself.
      • The Department of Conservation has been on the hunt for our national icon in the Western Bay since November - but so far the shy birds have remained out of reach.
      • There were more days on which shy children complained of unwellness and parents observed symptoms of unwellness than for nonshy children.
      • Lucy is a shy cat and I haven't succeeded yet in taking a picture of her.
      • Do not shy away if the bird hisses at you and fluffs up its feathers, it is only bluffing.
      • Normally shy, nocturnal animals, the great crested newts have reluctantly stepped into the limelight to highlight their cause.
      • Noise must be kept to a minimum, as tigers are shy.
      • The shy monkey species was already known to local tribespeople called the Wanyakyusa.
      • The Opeh was an extremely shy bird, and very rarely came within sight of a human.
      • But the quest for shy animals in the wild more often than not ends up being about all the other things you discover along the way.
      • They are a shy bird by nature and are wary of people.
      • Today, this area of Broadland still attracts these shy birds.
      • Jayalalitha, a once shy, timid, tiny introvert, was so outstanding in her studies that her portrait hangs in her school as a star alumnus with academic excellence as her only passion.
      • My dad (who I think is very shy himself deep down) gave me a talk once about how social interaction was a big game that you just needed to learn how to play.
      • Who would have known behind that shy smile was a major flirt.
      • Interviewees reported that shy students were more vulnerable to teasing.
      • This rather shy animal is not easily sighted in the open and you are more likely to see or hear them in thick woodlands and forested parks.
      • His smile is shy, almost gentle, and his eyes dart nervously around him.
      • But there, a team of dedicated sheepdogs is helping individuals ranging from bullied children to shy businessmen become more assertive.
      • Cole believes it's the stress that shy people constantly experience which leaves them more vulnerable to disease.
      • At first the animals were quite shy, but they have settled in well.
      • A third explanation for our finding is that shy children may be more sensitive to the symptoms of illness or more likely to reflect on their internal states.

    • 1.2(wary, cautious)

      to be shy of -ing
      • don't be shy of telling her what you think no tengas miedo de decirle lo que piensas
      • I'd be shy of getting involved in that yo me cuidaría de meterme en eso
      • I wanted to take things slow, and was shy about being intimate.
      • She has never been shy of expressing her feminist opinions.

  • 2US informal

    to be shy of sth
    • we were shy of funds andábamos escasos de fondos
    • he was four years shy of being eligible to retire le faltaban cuatro años para poder jubilarse
    • she came up shy (of victory) by only a few votes le faltaron unos pocos votos para ganar

intransitive verb

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    her horse shied when the gun went off/at the noise el caballo respingó al dispararse la pistola/al oír el ruido
    • His horse saw them, though, and tugged anxiously at the reins, shying away.
    • They all shied aside as the headlamps swept over them and the truck skidded to a halt.
    • Hoss jumped, and the horse shied, the twin jolts coming together in the agony of his jawbone.
    • At that moment, a flash of green and brown shot between them, and the black stallion shied, backing away, neighing.
    • He said she had fallen because ‘the camel shied at the passing traffic and jumped.’
    • Morgan almost stooped in mid-stride causing the horse to shy away.
    • His horse shied a little as a score of men heavily armed marched loudly past, metal armour clanking.
    • Justine watched her father's steady hand movements towards the filly's head as she shied away.
    • Kathryn jumped and the gelding spooked as well, shying a few paces to the left and dragging Kathryn with him.
    • The stallion snorted in the way that only horses could and began to shy at something on the side of the trail.
    • His horse's nuzzled the hip of Irish's horse, causing Eye's horse to shy.
    • But the white horse shied away from her, his wild eyes showing their whites, ears laid back in fear.
    • Dusty eased onto the bronco, who shied as soon as he felt weight on him.
    • They flinched and shied away from the sudden, loud noise, and I took that moment to bolt.
    • Charcoal stopped shying her feet and stood still, enjoying Laurel's attention.
    • She sat immobile for a moment before coming back to the present with a quick shake of her head, immediately cringing and shying away from him.
    • The incident happened when the horse was being led along the towpath on Sunday by her owner when she shied at a cycle barrier and bolted backwards.
    • His horse shied to the right, making room on the path for the newcomer.
    • He shied a bit from me, but Cae slipped a carrot into my hand.
    • Patton shows a marked insight into training horse and rider as he cautions against harsh movements with the bridle hand that would cause a horse to shy.

There are 2 main translations of shy in Spanish

: shy1shy2


tirar, v.

Pronunciation /ʃʌɪ//ʃaɪ/

transitive verb

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    aventar Peru Colombia Mexico