Translation of Siamese in Spanish:


siamés, n.

Pronunciation /ˌsʌɪəˈmiːz//ˌsaɪəˈmiz/


  • 1

    siamés masculine
    • The ladies did not speak English and Anna certainly did not speak Siamese as can be seen by some of her linguistic gaffes in her original books on the subject.
  • 2

    siamés masculine
    siamesa feminine
    • Caught between the growing power of the Siamese and the Vietnamese, the Lao lost power and territory so that today most Lao people live in Thailand (formerly Siam).
    • Wars were fought with the ethnic Mons and Arkanese, and with the Siamese.
    • In the late 18th century, the Siamese established hegemony over much of what is now Laos.
    • Like the Siamese, the Burmese are said to have been temple cats for whom student monks served as valets.
    • By the end of the Angkor era, the kingdom of Kambuja-Desa came under increased pressure from the Siamese on the west and the Vietnamese on the east.
  • 3also Siamese cat

    gato siamés masculine