Translation of Siamese twins in Spanish:

Siamese twins

(hermanos) siameses, n.

plural noun


  • 1

    (hermanos) siameses masculine
    (hermanas) siamesas feminine
    • By the way, we have an exclusive coming later, don't turn out because there were two tortoises born attached like Siamese twins and they were separated by a doctor and we have an exclusive tonight.
    • Beverly becomes his own Siamese twin, separating from himself into a haze of drugs and bad behavior.
    • A rumour in Keighley that Siamese twins had been born to a couple has been confirmed.
    • Conjoined twins were once referred to as Siamese twins, after the nationality of Chang and Eng Bunker, who lived from 1811 to 1874.
    • Israelis and Palestinians in Jerusalem are akin to Siamese twins that share vital and less vital organs.
    • Merdias has said that there is one pair of Siamese twins born for every 200,000 live births.
    • A rare and complicated operation in Singapore to separate a pair of Siamese twins from Nepal who are joined at the head continues to progress smoothly as it enters its fourth day.
    • A pair of Siamese twins from Nepal who were joined at the head survived a rare three-and-a-half day operation in Singapore to separate them, Singapore General Hospital said Tuesday.
    • Even Siamese twins are commonly held to have distinct identities.
    • In English, and I suppose in other languages that have been influenced by English, conjoined twins is a more polite phrase than Siamese twins, which is what most people call them in private.
    • Ligatures are certain combinations of letters that are joined on the page like Siamese twins.
    • It's like watching a freak show, a version of the circus displaying the Elephant man, the bearded lady, the Siamese twins joined at their skulls.
    • The pair spent the last race as close as Siamese twins, with Wyatt just not quite able to find a way around the big Rover.
    • The Maltese couple whose Siamese twins were separated in Manchester are expecting another child.
    • ‘Tug us any closer and we will officially be the world's first Siamese twins that were joined after birth,’ he said dryly.
    • Policy and its implementation are like Siamese twins - usually, like Siamese twins who have quarrelled; of all government policies, most fail in their implementation.
    • They aren't opponents, they are Siamese twins.
    • If the Siamese twins were not separated, they were both expected to die in a matter of months.
    • A pair of Siamese twins joined at the spine both survived an operation to separate them in December last year.
    • It's a novel set in New Cardiff, Vermont, about a couple who become so close they're almost Siamese twins, which echoes Webb's relationship with Fred, an aristocratic feminist who shaves her head.