Translation of sick bag in Spanish:

sick bag

bolsa para el mareo, n.



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    bolsa para el mareo feminine
    • I'm cha cha chaing around the corridors and we're-all-going-on-a-summer-holiday-ing around my office as I put together supplies of sick bags, beach toys and bottles of water.
    • I forgot to ask what the Concorde sick bags were like.
    • Every time the boat lurched on a wave through those wicked waters where the North Sea meets the Atlantic and decides it doesn't like what its found, somebody would reach for a sick bag.
    • Pass the sick bag on your way out, would you dearie?
    • I knew something was wrong as soon as we landed, and it wasn't just that P had filled all the sick bags on our row.
    • But these airports are too grassy and home-made to leave the sick bag empty; while the roads have too many holes in them to be negotiated with a standard set of road skills.
    • A united Airlines jumbo was forced to return to Sydney, closing airspace across the eastern seaboard yesterday, after a bomb threat scrawled on a sick bag was found in one of the jet's toilets.
    • Minerva's tendency to be sick in small aircraft makes her an expert in a variety of strategies designed to help avoid the sick bag.
    • Damien could also attach little sick bags to the side of the box in case the viewing public needed them.
    • The pilots rev up the engine and show us where the sick bags are.
    • The journey home was spent clutching a three-ply sick bag.
    • This was my first indication that ferry services had improved since my student summers working on the Newcastle-Bergen line, when it was every man for himself and you were lucky to get a sick bag.
    • Out of 74 aircraft, 65 have seat-back pockets, all of which have a sick bag placed in them for every flight.
    • And now, unwell passengers have been forced to dash to the toilet as the airline could not supply sick bags.
    • One of the hostesses asked if I needed a sick bag.
    • Joel said, sitting at the table, holding an air sick bag in his hand.
    • Once you've checked in at reception, where they might feasibly offer you a sick bag, a litre of water and some Alka-Seltzer along with your room key, you could sleep off 14 pints without having to stumble onto a night bus first.
    • Help was on hand though in the form of the ‘orange angels’, the security guards, who as always were ready with the sick bags.
    • It's the largest ferry in the world so you can leave your sea legs and sick bags at home, relax and enjoy the ten-hour crossing to Rotterdam.
    • Great idea or would listening to your seat mate yakking away cause you to reach for the complimentary air sick bag or something?