Translation of sick call in Spanish:

sick call



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    llamado para presentarse a dar parte de enfermo a enfermería
    • Meanwhile, the airline faces the unenviable task of rebuilding customer trust after a high number of sick calls caused an ‘operational meltdown’ over the Christmas holiday.
    • One of the most enduring tales of Fr. Foy's powers concerns that of his walk across the Moy estuary in response to a sick call - and that he didn't get his shoes wet in the process.
    • Fr. Gerry Gillispie will cover sick calls and funerals until a new priest takes up residence and can be contacted at usual number.
    • We don't run to sick call for every little thing.
    • There is a Foxford story of Fr. Foy and another priest out on a sick call when they came to a flooded river they couldn't cross.
    • It was in Philadelphia the airline says a ‘record number’ of sick calls led problems that snarled the airline's flights and baggage across the nation.
    • When a patient calls Kaiser for a sick appointment, they're given an appointment with the doctor who is on duty for sick calls that day - not necessarily their own doctor.
    • Keep in mind that during sick call as many as 5 to 10 percent of the camp population may be present for evaluation.
    • In early July 1964, what began as a sick call to police on St. Louis's near North Side snowballed into a civil disorder when officers attempted to break up a fight between two siblings.
    • The Massachusetts draftees then resorted to the silent but effective nonviolent resistance of mass desertions, refusal to obey the hated officers, and going on sick call.
    • On September 7, 1918, at the height of World War I, a soldier at an army training camp outside Boston came to sick call with a high fever.
    • I mean, barring my getting pulled to cover someone else's shift on sick call or something similar.
    • ‘I don't blame any employee who wants to spend the holiday with their family after what they have been put through this year,’ Logan said about the holiday sick calls.
    • I was supposed to have three weekend ER shifts, but I got one of my co-residents to pay me a shift back for a sick call I took for him earlier last year.
    • I'm on sick call for the next two weeks playing Substitute Teacher of the Year Peggy Hill, which means I have to wear my pager at all times, even when I'm home.
    • The codependent wife, on the other hand, will compromise her personal integrity and make the sick call for her husband.
    • ‘The doctors outside the chamber would talk to me each morning and evening during sick call to check on each person's morale and condition,’ said Guillen.
    • Possibly ever, unless I get called in for sick call in the Spring, which I obviously hope to avoid.
    • I have less than 20 soldiers a day go on sick call out of over 800.
    • Local President Billie Davenport said that none of the sick calls were falsified.
    • However, after a weekend of diarrhea and vomiting, she resigned herself to the fact that she was really sick and told her coworkers she was going to sick call on Tuesday afternoon.