Translation of sickroom in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈsɪkˌrum//ˈsɪkrʊm//ˈsɪkruːm//ˈsɪkˌrʊm/


  • 1

    (in house)

    habitación de un enfermo

  • 2British

    (in school, factory)
    enfermería feminine
    • On she went until she found her self in the sickrooms, walking by row upon row of white-sheeted beds and private rooms.
    • I was rung from the college to say he had turned up in the sickroom there and wasn't looking too flash.
    • Superstition ripens into alarm when some people from town come into the sickroom talking about ‘witches flying over the barn and fearing for their daughter who has suddenly been struck dumb.’
    • Was it last winter when my husband took a small bottle of essence of lavender to spray through the sickroom of a dying neighbor because it was said to reduce anxiety and the perception of pain?
    • At precisely this moment the film crosscuts back to the sickroom, where Gwendolyn recovers for just a moment and mumbles to her father, ‘They say you're made of money.’
    • She followed him out of the sickroom and down a long hall way.
    • I have inside information that she is in her sickroom at the end of this hall.
    • My bedroom was quickly converted into a sickroom.
    • I can remember about 12 to 14 young people who were brought to the sickroom; I never saw them again.
    • Fires were also struck in sickrooms to destroy the clothing of deceased victims.
    • Watching the two of them should be easier than nursing half the sickroom, surely.
    • Sprinkle it about where a suspicious smell is detected - in lavatories, sickrooms, cesspools or sewers.
    • She guided us into the nurse's office, stopping for nothing, and sat us both gently down on a cot in one of the darkened sickrooms which was thankfully vacant.
    • The novel's climax is utterly realistic and utterly involving - its movement out of the sickroom and into the streets of Beijing provides just the right change of perception and scale.
    • Not waiting for the guard to finish, Mel ran towards the sickroom, with the stuttering guard and rotund matron trailing behind.
    • Gerard had started walking towards the sickroom.
    • Jack opened the door and stepped inside the sickroom.
    • Vasari states that in his old age Piero expressed his distaste for the sordid trappings of death, such as parasitic nurses, the visitations of weeping relatives, and confinement in dark sickrooms.
    • A good hour and a half later, Erial once more stepped outside the sickroom, this time not mildly irritated and hiding her slight anxiety under good-natured insults.
    • When he entered the sickroom, the pungent scent irritated his nostrils, but he did not care.