Translation of side effect in Spanish:

side effect

efecto secundario, n.


  • 1

    efecto secundario masculine
    • Tell your doctor if you have had a particular side effect from a pain medication in the past.
    • Scarring can also be a side effect or complication of other conditions.
    • But the side effect intrigued him into the exact workings of the hormone.
    • She thinks the only lasting side effect from the treatment may be some memory loss.
    • Some people are able to use a different kind of statin without the same side effect.
    • My dad has to take Provigil to counteract the drowsiness side effect of his other medication.
    • Tiredness is a side effect that can be experienced by anyone undergoing radiation.
    • Blurred vision is a common side effect, but it usually goes away on its own within a couple of weeks.
    • She went deaf when she was a baby, before the age of the cochlear implant, as a side effect of polio.
    • The most common side effect of the influenza vaccine is soreness at the vaccination site.
    • A side effect of many of these drugs is sedation, so it's better to take them before going to sleep at night.
    • Alcohol has a side effect and may impact your ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it, even the next day.
    • Diarrhea is a common side effect of tube feedings in the intensive care unit.
    • Cough was the only side effect that was more prevalent in this group than in the placebo group.
    • Cough, a side effect not related to dose, was severe enough to prohibit further use in only three patients.
    • Most of those who had had a stroke were aware of their own drug treatment and were concerned about the side effect of drugs.
    • If priapism has occurred as a side effect of medication then a different medication can usually be prescribed.
    • Be sure to tell your doctor about any changes in your body that might be a side effect from the medicine.
    • Researchers may have found a side effect associated with stress which could lead to premature aging.
    • If the radiation is aimed at your abdominal or pelvic area, diarrhea may be a side effect.
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    (incidental result)
    consecuencia indirecta feminine