Translation of sidelight in Spanish:


detalle (incidental), n.

Pronunciation: /ˈsʌɪdlʌɪt//ˈsaɪdˌlaɪt/


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    (incidental information)
    detalle (incidental) masculine
    anécdota feminine
    • A curious sidelight on gourd-growing emerges from the reminiscences of Kinau Wilder, the niece of the botanist Gerrit Parmile Wilder.
    • In a little local sidelight, it was the Yuan dynasty that first started to breed horses in the Penghu archipelago for use in southern China.
    • An interesting sidelight in the enumerated statutes of the Hammurabi code is that there is no statute number 13 - - even in ancient Mesopotamia, 13 was considered to be an unlucky number that should be avoided.
    • The author's researches have quarried further bits of biographical data and sometimes helpful sidelights and background information on various situations and personalities.
    • Young's Bluecrest is the biggest seafood producer in the UK and has thrown an interesting sidelight on the debate about cod stocks.
    • While a Kolkata newspaper always carried a diary on the sidelights of life in the city, a Delhi newspaper devoted space to some unknown and many forgotten traditions, legends and monuments of the city.
    • Each speaker recounts the way that life was, aspects unique to their particular local region, often touching on unexpected sidelights and incisive observations.
    • An interesting sidelight offered by the Encyclopedia is information on the Chaplain Support Operations, an area overlooked in Second World War histories.
    • An interesting sidelight of this champion youngster's career has been the schooling.
    • For readers of his latest novel, Out of Ireland, the stories of these two girls also provide a fascinating sidelight and illumination of the characters and events in the novel.
    • And the end of George V throws an illuminating sidelight on Palace politics.
    • There is an interesting sidelight on the implementation of the no-smoking ban in Ballina pubs.
    • He's also the world's foremost authority on the Max Fleischer cartoon studio but that's more like an interesting sidelight.
    • There were sidelights too, upon the thoughts and emotions that might have stirred up Shylock to act as he did towards those whom he felt had forced him to suffer ostracism and humiliation.
    • Those already familiar with Korean history and culture and with the Korean War will find this book to be a rich and fascinating feast, filled with intriguing sidelights on well-known personalities and events.
    • The book is positively packed with most interesting stories and medical sidelights.
    • That is not the explicit focus of this effort, but there are some relevant analyses and sidelights, that are taken up again in the concluding essays.
    • A sidelight is shed by a broken inscription which archaeologists discovered some seventy years ago at Delphi.
    • The tableaux provided interesting sidelights on different cultures.
    • This isn't just some sidelight to the story or new detail.
    • One by one they turned their sidelights on and kept their descent going.
    • But for your own safety, look at those cars coming towards you in the fog and rain and note which ones are most difficult to see, those with headlights on or those with silly little sidelights?
    • However replacement glass and glass for new buildings could be supplied with this coating, as could a range of other glass products such as car wing mirrors, backlights and sidelights.
    • The light was becoming dusky so I decided that sidelights were probably the way to go.
    • Wander round to the back and the rear light clusters are designed to resemble the iris of an eye, with the sidelights, brake lights and indicators arranged in concentric circles.
    • The bikes that majestically stood on either side of the stage with their sidelights flickering welcomed the gathering.
    • These are the same ‘cats eyes’ as at the crash scene and, if he had reduced his lights to sidelights there, it would be an appropriate explanation of why the driver lost control.
    • GA and I both notice that when we get in the car, the sidelights on the Range Rover ahead of us aren't as bright as they were when we parked.
    • Becky Abbott, prosecuting, told magistrates in Devizes on Tuesday that a police patrol pulled over a white Vauxhall Astra that had been driving through the Market Place with only sidelights on.
    • Both the xenon dipped headlights and sidelights automatically follow the direction of the front wheels.
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    luz de posición feminine
    piloto masculine Spain
    cocuyo masculine Venezuela Colombia