Translation of sidesplitting in Spanish:


comiquísimo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsaɪdˌsplɪdɪŋ///


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    para morirse de risa
    • Finally, when the two workers, frozen to the marrow, emerged from beneath the water, they were stunned to hear the student spectators burst into side-splitting laughter.
    • One of the reasons I've always favored A Day at the Races, even though it's not the most side-splitting of the Marx Brothers works, is that it's probably the most cinematically coherent.
    • Meanwhile, fans of side-splitting comedy can also take in the Grand Opera House's Christmas pantomime, Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs.
    • The demand for his personal appearances in cabaret and after dinner speeches is testimony to his brilliant wit, and his ability to develop right good humour and side-splitting laughter.
    • This glittering cabaret-style musical shakes up Shakespeare with tap dances, torch songs, tuxedos, sequins and side-splitting sketches.
    • Always aware of its own absurdity, the scripts positively dripped with knowing pop-culture references and side-splitting asides.
    • Their show consists of two hours of adult side-splitting comedy and brilliant live music.
    • The story is the stuff great romantic comedies are made of with lies and trickery on both sides, pushing and pulling to our delight, until all is revealed in a side-splitting yet eye-watering climax.
    • A dying swan ballet and a tap were well choreographed and the ventriloquist act was just one of the sequence of side-splitting acts.
    • With all of that being said, I believe it was about three and half minutes into the film that I realized that The Iron Ladies was going to be one of the most entertaining, side-splitting movies that I would have watched in a long, long time.
    • The four guys sat there for a moment, slack-jawed, and then suddenly burst into side-splitting laughter, rolling all over each other and on the floor, tears streaming from their eyes.
    • Ths show, of course, was precisely what one would expect - hilarious, side-splitting, laugh-out loud funny.
    • Their Long Sunday Afternoon duet epitomises what they mean to each other, while the upper crust Eddie is the perfect foil for Mickey's side-splitting mannerisms and send ups.
    • Despite the laughs though, many might not find it as side-splitting as the first hilarious instalment.
    • Thespians from the North Kerry area are set to tread the boards yet again in what promises to be a side-splitting feast of comedy drama for audiences.
    • They all get caught up in the side-splitting antics which follow the mysterious death of the house owner.
    • His deft, side-splitting recollections of mundane British life leave you with the unnerving feeling that this cherubic 28-year-old from Bolton actually grew up in your home as a part of your family.
    • Regular readers had pulled out all the stops to send a barrel-load of side-splitting entries that had our funny-man rolling around on the floor with laughter.
    • It took us forever to get there, but it was okay because we had Tony to tell us side-splitting stories about high government officials being embarrassed by Angela and her quick wit.
    • From jockeys to poets, singers to nuns, barbers to bewildered sportsmen, they all combine to bring you on a two hour side-splitting journey of pure entertainment.