Translation of sidetrack in Spanish:


hacer desviar del tema, v.

Pronunciation /ˈsʌɪdtrak//ˈsaɪdtræk/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(from subject)

      hacer desviar del tema
      he refused to be sidetracked by the interviewer no dejó que el entrevistador lo desviara del tema
      • I'm looking forward to that and don't intend to let anything sidetrack me.
      • Amy had expected one of his bright smiles, a twinkle in the eye, and a joyous ‘yes’; she didn't expect him to sidetrack the conversation completely.
      • I got sidetracked in a debate with my wife about current events, and two hours later I realized that I would not be dumping my manifesto on the web.
      • I used to train for competitions but was sidetracked after an injury.
      • He studied law at Palermo University, but like many of his background and generation he soon got sidetracked into the exciting world of political and literary romanticism.
      • Like any good tutor, Aristotle allows you to get sidetracked from a lesson plan and follow your interests.
      • I get sidetracked by minor distractions all the time (which is often fun), but if I really want something, I'll keep the goal in sight and eventually get there.
      • Apparently the sea views are spectacular too, though I was sidetracked somewhat by an astonishingly well-priced wine list, which the restaurateur himself imports.
      • The body of the text, arranged in three segments, provides links in the sidebar that may sidetrack the reader through related concepts in other segments.
      • She was continuously sidetracked, however, as customers wandered in and out.
      • If the other person resists your message through blame, attack or excuses, try not to let it sidetrack you.
      • As with many of Paisley's characters he is a lovable rogue, thoughtless but not cruel, well-meaning but easily sidetracked, a boy whose threadbare background has spelt out a future of meagre options, many of them criminal.
      • It is easy to get sidetracked and distracted by events of apparent urgency but low importance.
      • Then, once you really believe in something, the key is to keep your head down and go for it, spurning any attempt to sidetrack you on the way.
      • I'd planned a quick stroll on the main route, but I keep getting sidetracked by spur paths leading to lovely, lonely beaches.
      • But we can't do justice to Plato the philosopher if we are constantly sidetracked by speculations about whether Plato the man really lived up to his own teachings.
      • Terry was sidetracked by the sudden change of direction.
      • Then in 1960, a young graduate called Ted Nelson got sidetracked from his masters degree in sociology at Harvard into writing text - retrieval software.
      • You can't move forward or achieve your goals, if you become sidetracked by self-defeating behavior.
      • He spends most of the novel being interrupted by everyone and having his conversations sidetracked and cut short.

    • 1.2(from purpose)

      sorry, I got sidetracked perdón, me entretuve / me distraje haciendo otra cosa

  • 2US

    llevar a un apartadero
    llevar a una vía muerta


  • 1

    (path, road)
    camino secundario masculine
    • It wouldn't do to go off on a sidetrack when the important thing to get done was finding the baby.
    • By the time Grandpa finishes his story, he's wandered down sidetracks, lost a few of the kids to sleep and even managed to lose his own place more than once.
    • After following a narrow gravel road for about 200 metres we took off down a side track.
    • We walked down one side track and, though it was the quiet time of day, a flock of warblers readily responded to pygmy-owl calls.
    • As this brief synopsis should make clear, Viladesau's book is full of tantalizing lines of thought and many interesting sidetracks.
    • Two hunters happen to be nearby and they motion for me to follow them down a sidetrack.
    • She was brought out of her weird sidetrack by a serious question.
    • He tied me up in knots and deflected what I felt were the real issues with sidetracks and tangents.
    • With the drop-down menu of indexes along the side of the screen, it is easy to get back to where one started after wandering away following the sidetracks of intriguing links.
    • Interestingly, in one of my classes at university on Thursday we discussed the elections for a few brief minutes as a sidetrack.
    • Before we go on, however, allow me a quick sidetrack.
    • As a sidetrack, I might mention that my post of two days ago was my thousandth… yep, this one will be number 1003.
    • You've got me off on a sidetrack, you rascals!
    • I've had to learn to see double, keeping the big ball rolling while juggling a full complement of sidetracks and minor emergencies.
    • Elsewhere, an elevator and two miles of sidetrack are under construction at Highmore, N.D., and should be ready for the fall harvest season.
    • Blogs are often a great thing, but they can prove to be a sidetrack, and sometimes they produce an over-simplification of political analysis which is even worse than the one customarily supplied by ‘real’ papers.
    • Lee whipped his BMW into the short sidetrack off the Pallisades Parkway and stopped along the rail at the top of the cliff.
    • Next, if you do want to go off on a sidetrack away from your original purpose, set a time limit.
    • Fortunately, only a small part of the narrative is taken up by it, and the real delight of the book is its frequent sidetracks into the biology, culture, lore, and politics of birds.
    • An interesting sidetrack: enemies are incredibly stupid when it comes to damage control and emergency actions.
  • 2US

    apartadero masculine
    vía muerta feminine
    • Between this building and the main track, over which passenger trains usually run, is a side track connecting with the main track east, but not west.
    • Admit that it was the carelessness of the company's agents, in leaving the switch open, that threw the train upon the side track.
    • One of the major disadvantages of rail transport is that a fast train cannot run on the same line as a suburban, stopping slow train without sidetracks and expensive signalling.
    • The conductor told us to lock the cabins and not let anyone inside unless he told us to because thieves pretending to be police quite often preyed on the sleeping cars parked in the sidetracks.