Translation of sideward in Spanish:


(British sidewards)

Pronunciation /ˈsaɪdwərd//ˈsʌɪdwəd/


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    • Mostly his head was down in the water, breathing every second stroke with a smooth sideward head movement.
    • The deltoid and supraspinatus are involved in shoulder joint abduction, in which the arm is moved outward and upward in a sideward plane.
    • So the movement associated with Cancer is a strange one; there is a sense of hesitancy, a sidewards approach to things, and an element of moving forwards whilst not looking squarely at what lies ahead.
    • He wore loose fitting jeans and a simple beige and white t-shirt with a sideward trucker hat.
    • ‘Yes,’ she answered, with a sweet sideward glance.
    • A sideward glance saw Steven walking along without a care in the world.
    • Then she opens her eyes to check with sneaky little sidewards glances.
    • Sales figures aside, he is pleased that he evades loose categorisation and believes that writers should hone their craft without a backwards or a sidewards glance.
    • She saw me from a sideward glance and continued packing.
    • I also note the sidewards glances that one receives from airport security staff when I do my best to look sinister.
    • I saw a few sideward glances exchanged in the audience.
    • If the head movement causes the eyes to reach the limit of comfortable sideward gaze the eyes make a fast, compensatory movement to the central position.
    • A woman notices him and begins to eye him, giving him sideward glances.
    • I tilted my head and gave him a sideward smirk; well it was more of a confused lopsided grin.
    • Another sidewards glance at other areas of her life at this time sees her threatening to seize the cattle of tenants for non-payment of rents.
    • Any direction you can imagine - upwards, downwards, or sidewards - electrons can do it.
    • This compound exercise also develops strength for the multijoint movements involved in sports that require both forward and sideward arm motions.
    • Eventually she just shrugged her shoulders and gave her brother a sideward glance.
    • She's too stubborn to settle down’ he said giving me a sideward smirk.
    • She whispered something to him, gave him a quick peck on the cheek then strode past me without a sideward glance.