Translation of sideways in Spanish:


de reojo, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈsʌɪdweɪz//ˈsaɪdˌweɪz/


  • 1

    (glance) de reojo
    (glance) de soslayo
    (glance) de refilón
    (walk) de lado
    (walk) de costado
    • It was not until I shot a sideways glance at my friend and noticed her strangely grey complexion that I realised not everything in the garden was rosy.
    • Feeling the cold air, Martina tucks her hands into the pockets of her raincoat, looking sideways towards Mike's pensive face.
    • I tipped my head over to the side and shot a sideways smile at Alex.
    • Nick took a quick glance sideways to the other side of the rink, and immediately followed the example of the first man he saw.
    • Your core muscles are recruited in most of your daily body movements, whether you are bending over, turning your upper body or reaching sideways.
    • I kept trying to back up, which was hard with the wall behind me, so I started scooting sideways towards the door.
    • It was small and cramped and you couldn't travel without having to turn your body and walk sideways at some point.
    • She often would face sideways or towards the rest of the band, which only added to the mystery of her performance.
    • Suddenly, the cyclone rose up off the ground and tilted sideways toward them, looking like a long snake.
    • Closing her eyes, she rolled her head back to rest upon the peak of the sofa-back before allowing it to loll sideways towards Sam, taking a look at him.
    • He reached across Hornblower's broad shoulders pulling him towards him sideways.
    • Adrian gave her a sideways glance as they sat side by side in the sand on the beach and turned back to the face the ocean where the sun was starting to set into the water.
    • He nodded his head sideways towards the group of friends that he had been sitting with.
    • I returned to my room, took off my shoes and headed towards my bed, casting a sideways glance at the small pile of wrapped presents at the foot of my bed.
    • Robyn smiled back, then cast a sideways glance at the officer next to her.
    • Isaiah's eyes started to shift sideways towards Tara who was sitting next to him, but he caught himself and instead forced his gaze downward.
    • The Prince eyed me suspiciously from a sideways glance.
    • Yule trains alongside his rivals, and admits that he sneaks the odd sideways glance at them.
    • I gritted my teeth, looking sideways towards the ceiling briefly, trying not to lose my patience.
    • Veon ran sideways, towards the pile of supplies by the ship's ramp.
  • 2

    (with side part forward)
    de lado
    it'll only fit in sideways solo cabe de lado / de costado
    • it will only go through sideways on solo va a pasar de lado / de costado
    • it was sideways on to the wall estaba perpendicular a la pared
    • Kevin Fotheringham slid the ball sideways and James Smith drove an excellent shot, which flashed into the net behind the home goalkeeper.
    • How can a boat be steered if it is dragged both forward and back, sideways, and up and down?
    • The book shelves slide forward, then sideways, and then back into the wall.
    • She slid sideways and put the tin foil-covered tray on the passenger side, then hopped out of the van.
    • He placed his hand on his lower back, stretched himself, bent forward and back and sideways, a slow smile growing on his face.
    • She tried to squeeze past them - first going forward, then sideways, finally backward.
    • I slammed on the brakes, slid sideways and stopped just before careening into a state road truck.
    • The tires grabbed for a second, then began to spin, and the truck slid sideways.
    • She learned to scramble around and even run sideways, but not forward.
    • I am pushed three steps sideways for every one forward.
    • He lost control of the wheel and the car spun around, slid sideways, and crashed into a fire hydrant.
    • My front wheel hit the rear fender of the car and I ended up sliding along the road sideways.
    • So, put on your best shoes, go forward, sideways, then back.
    • Such an image suggests the very paradox of progress: does change move us forward, or merely sideways?
    • I used rudder, stick, and brakes to keep the jet from sliding sideways or departing the runway.
    • Moving on six articulated legs, the harvester advances forward and backward, sideways and diagonally.
    • All at once I understood the value of looking backward, forward, sideways, or in any direction for inspiration.
    • The ship lurched forward and sideways as the men tried to take their seats on the bridge.
    • There are only two directions to travel now: forward or sideways.
    • The doors slid open sideways, and Ves, taking just a step inside, was lucky not to get nipped on the backside as the doors closed shut, tightly behind him.


  • 1

    (look) de reojo
    (look) de soslayo
    (look) de refilón
    (movement) lateral
    (movement) de lado
    she wasn't promoted, it was a sideways move no la ascendieron, pasó a ocupar un puesto de igual jerarquía
    • A sideways look at the state education system shows how professionals become in a system that does not focus on individuals.
    • But ‘No Angels’ also takes a sideways look at the often daft directives which are imposed on hospital staff.
    • Successfully fusing elements of comedy, tragedy, and a sideways look at life in one great film is what makes Terms Of Endearment such a marvel.
    • Take Two captures a sideways look at the life of a single mother as she tries to run a small PR firm in the midlands.
    • The Other Side Of Dunkirk takes a sideways look at an event that has been considered one of the finest feats in Britain's war-time history from a different point of view.