Translation of siesta in Spanish:


siesta, n.

Pronunciation /siˈɛstə//sɪˈɛstə/


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    siesta feminine
    to take / have a siesta dormir / echarse una siesta
    • In some countries the great tradition of the afternoon siesta is under threat or has even been banned.
    • In addition, it is common for us to require afternoon siestas or cat naps of about an hour each day.
    • Sometimes I used to wake from my siesta perfectly rested, ready for my late afternoon walk along Bolonia beach and my swim in the cool Atlantic.
    • We all of us had lunch and then disposed ourselves about the house for a siesta in the full heat of the afternoon.
    • Many of the rooms retain their original frescoes and stained glass windows - the diffused light is excellent for afternoon siestas.
    • So we wandered in mellow mood out into the afternoon sunshine for the trip home and a belated siesta.
    • Just as lunch had been an affair for everyone to participate in, afternoon became a community siesta.
    • After lunch we all took a siesta while the heat of the afternoon reached its peak and then, one at a time, we filed back outside.
    • His research also showed that afternoon siestas were chock-full of slow-wave sleep, the type that appears to be most important for recharging the body.
    • The main meal is eaten at midday, often followed by a siesta, or afternoon rest during the hottest time of the day, when work is difficult.
    • Although locals say it isn't as prevalent as it once was, the tradition of an afternoon siesta still exists here.
    • Sunday afternoons are not meant for siestas for these cricket lovers who play the game on a ground which is usually rented out for exhibitions.
    • When the small human cast disappears for the afternoon siesta, all is stillness and peace.
    • When I opened my store I was determined that I would have afternoon siestas for about an hour each day.
    • People make up for lost sleep during the afternoon siesta.
    • A few men were having their afternoon siesta under the mango tree.
    • I left Stone Town soon after lunch, just as the town's menfolk were heading back to their houses to take their afternoon siesta.
    • So legendary are the soporific effects of the language of governments that afternoon siestas are a sine qua non in government offices and Prime Ministers have regularly dropped off to sleep while delivering their own speeches.
    • I go home to my apartment at around 11 or 12 and get about six hours of sleep and a couple of hours for an afternoon siesta.
    • Of course, with a little prodding they enjoy their afternoon siesta.