Translation of sight in Spanish:


vista, n.

Pronunciation: /sʌɪt//saɪt/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      vista feminine
      to lose one's sight perder la vista / la visión
      • to have poor sight tener mala vista
      • Likewise, the quality of each sense perception is embodied as a sense consciousness - sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.
      • To fully appreciate the complexity of wine, the senses of sight, smell, taste and even touch must be employed.
      • Crocodilians' senses of smell, sight, and hearing are well developed.
      • In humans taste is one of the five senses (along with sight, touch, smell, and hearing).
      • However, to watch the players in action you would think that Poll had completely lost the power of sight and moral judgement.
      • The disease usually does not affect the senses - taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing - or the mind.
      • But there is one peculiarity about his power of sight.
      • Through our senses of touch and sight, it is a way of making intuitive information available to us.
      • It is a good idea to check your home for hazards that you may trip over, such as trailing wires, and to make sure you have regular sight and hearing tests.
      • Now a 10-minute sight test could prove to be the long-awaited breakthrough.
      • Soon after being taken in by a kind couple, she's predicting the fate of various folk in the town, having gained special powers since losing her sight.
      • He also reports the view that it is the brain that furnishes the sensations of hearing, sight and smell.
      • So in addition to the usual five senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell, the mental function is counted as the sixth.
      • All distress, annoyance, frustration, vexation and so on is a reaction to things perceived through the senses, usually of sight or hearing.
      • This can apply to people of any age but, for the over 60s specifically, they should take advantage of the free sight tests available every two years.
      • Our brain gets stimulatory inputs through the special sensory stimuli of touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste.
      • And earth, being the final element, contains all the five qualities of sound, touch, sight, taste and smell.
      • Choosing whole fish is a sensory experience that involves touch, sight and smell.
      • Her already improved sight and hearing were improved five-fold.
      • The factors which operate to make the case one for awarding more than average are physical pain and any diminution in the powers of speech, sight or hearing.

    • 1.2(eyes)

      in sb's sight
      • to be equal in the sight of the Law ser iguales ante la ley
      • in our sight, he was a hero para nosotros, era un héroe
      • Vigilance and piety prevailed over the brute force of nature, and Juliet and John are married in the sight of God as well as of the State of New Jersey.
      • Vows declaring two individuals permanently one in the sight of God, a bond no one may put asunder, are taken as mostly a quaint rhetoric or archaic poetry.
      • The first step on the road to heaven for each of us is to realize our true spiritual state in the sight of God.
      • The prelude to this is the acknowledgement that all people are equal in the sight of God, which is the enduring logic for the juridical equality of all citizens.
      • Nothing but nothing justifies suicide bombing - the life of every Israeli child is of equal value and as precious in the sight of God as that of every Palestinian child.

  • 2

    (range of vision)
    to come into sight aparecer
    • to lose sight of sth/sb perder algo/a algn de vista
    • he lost sight of her in the crowd la perdió de vista entre la muchedumbre
    • they've lost sight of the most important thing han perdido de vista lo más importante
    • the finishing line was now in sight ya se veía la meta
    • we were within sight of victory, victory was within sight la victoria estaba cercana
    • as soon as we were out of sight, we began to run cuando ya no nos veían, empezamos a correr
    • she watched until they were out of sight los siguió con la mirada hasta que los perdió de vista
    • (get) out of my sight! ¡fuera de aquí!
    • you'd better keep out of her sight for a while va a ser mejor que no te vea por un rato
    • keep it out of their sight que no lo vean
    • I daren't let him out of my sight for a second no me atrevo a dejarlo solo ni un minuto
    • out of sight, out of mind ojos que no ven, corazón que no siente
  • 3

    (act of seeing, view)
    at first sight, she looks younger than Fred a primera vista parece más joven que Fred
    • I took a dislike to him at first sight me cayó mal desde el primer momento
    • it was love at first sight fue amor a primera vista
    • at the sight of blood al ver sangre
    • to catch sight of sth/sb
    • we caught sight of them going up the mountain los vimos / los avistamos subiendo la montaña
    • as he opened the drawer, I caught sight of the gun cuando abrió el cajón, pude ver el revólver
    • to know sb by sight conocer a algn de vista
    • to play at / by sight tocar a primera vista
    • deserters will be shot on sight los desertores serán fusilados en el acto
    • the sight of a cat drives the dog wild el perro se enloquece en cuanto ve un gato
    • I can't stand the sight of him no lo puedo ver
    • he bought the goods sight unseen compró los artículos sin haberlos visto antes
  • 4

    • 4.1(thing seen)

      the sparrow is a familiar sight in our gardens el gorrión se ve con frecuencia en nuestros jardines
      • it's not a pretty sight no es un espectáculo muy agradable
      • it is/it was a sight for sore eyes da/daba gusto verlo
      • your smiling face is a sight for sore eyes da gusto ver tu cara sonriente
      • Sanchen was unsure how large this desert was, and looking upon the intimidating sight now, he wasn't sure he wanted to know.
      • He was a familiar sight at Heaton's Corner in Castlebar back in the mid-1970s and 1980s.
      • Frowning, he leaned forward for a closer look at the bizarre sight.
      • For many years, until ill health prevented him, Mr Moore was a familiar sight behind his tray of poppies in Regent Street in the days leading up to Remembrance Day.
      • Neil turned away from the dark sight outside, and looked at Sean.
      • Traditional Dutch street organs are a familiar sight in Holland as you would expect, but Territorians don't have to travel overseas to see and hear them.
      • Over the next three years, the bus became a familiar sight to local residents, was visited by the Queen, and won a national award presented by Princess Anne.
      • The Tahitian Princess is a familiar sight off Avatiu harbour - according to Fallon the ship calls here about every two weeks.
      • Police are becoming a familiar sight in a Trowbridge school as part of a new initiative in the town.
      • She turned her gaze away from the transfixing sight before her and glanced to Cinaed, who was half-dozing in a chair.
      • Elizabeth muttered as she looked upon the horrible sight below her.
      • Flat-chested and tall, it wasn't exactly a very amusing sight to look at.
      • Since then, whether walking her dog or pulling luggage through an airport, she has become a familiar sight on television.
      • Pickup autos with colourful stockpiles weaving through the congested National Highway at Karamana or Pulimood are a familiar sight.
      • And Moses said, ‘I must go and look at this strange sight and see why the bush isn't burnt.’
      • A familiar sight, almost opposite Bedford Hospital, is the Britannia Works archway, the area behind which has been wasteland for at least ten years.
      • They used to be a familiar sight in cities including London, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool and Sheffield.
      • It's a familiar sight in the middle of the Christmas table or perhaps in a living room window, but their creator explains that one of the four candles should be lit during each week of December.
      • Malevolent in appearance as it hovers menacingly in the spring skies, the Apache attack helicopter will soon be a familiar sight over Yorkshire.
      • The Opel wasn't in a good state - it looked a very sad sight, a bit like that very battered car they used in Starsky and Hutch.

    • 4.2(of untidy or absurd appearance)

      a sight
      • I look a sight! ¡estoy horrorosa!
      • she looks a sight in that dress ese vestido le queda espantoso
      • your room's a real sight tu habitación es un desastre
      • I must have been a sight in my blood stained wedding dress and shoes that were still oddly contorted from the crash.
      • Clad in my nightgown and untied work boots, I must have been a sight.

    • 4.3(famous places)

      the sights los lugares de interés
      • to see / do the sights visitar los lugares de interés
      • The route starts and finishes at Pudsey Park and will take in some of the town's historic sights including the Moravian settlement at Fulneck.
      • Telling China's stories from the past it is home to many of the must-see tourist sights.
      • Though it covers less than a third of the total delta area, this southern section is where most of the tourist sights and facilities are concentrated.
      • Usually, it is the final stop of foreign tourists looking for pretty sights and interesting places to the north of Varna.
      • They would like to spend time on a beach and hire a car to visit interesting cities and sights.
      • Whenever, I visit Jamaica I like to experience the best of two worlds, the commercial tourist sights and old familiar places.
      • Then I decided to become a tourist and see the sights.
      • We wandered aimlessly around Paris for three days just going to all these different tourist sights in the days and in the evenings we'd live the night life.
      • In Trainspotting, Begbie's blood boils at the backpackers who see the sights of the city centre but are blind to the blighted landscape of its surrounding schemes.
      • An optional dazzling Dutch capital tour gives you the best of the city's sights with a canal cruise included and a visit to a diamond factory.
      • Leave Manneken to the other tourists and head off to visit the city's unmissable sights.
      • For a tourist, these sights might appear romantic and exotic.
      • All are encouraged to come along and view the sights of a fascinating continent.
      • The churches of Nazareth were mentioned as tourist sights, shown to guests before the beginning of Intifada, but not as places of symbolic value.
      • They want McDonald's to take down the outsize golden arches that obscure some of the city's tourist sights.
      • Foreigners pay 10 times the locals at tourist sights, whilst it is still small in relative terms - it begins to grate on you.
      • The main tourist sights are in the Old City on the European side of Istanbul and the easiest way of getting there is to take the light rail system.
      • The five-hour trip is a wonderful exploration of interesting villages, forests, restaurants and other city sights.
      • There are very few conventional tourist sights in Johannesburg.
      • Most of the city's top tourist sights lie within a single wide bend in the river.

  • 5

    • 5.1(of gun)

      mira feminine
      she had the hare in her sights tenía la liebre en la mira
      • The mob were about 100-strong with automatic weapons, sniper sights and Makarov pistols.
      • Jason had lifted his rifle to his shoulder and was pointing it at the back of the receding keeper, using the optical sight of his rifle as a telescope.
      • The basic RBS 70 comprises the missile in a launch container, a tripod firing stand and an optical sight.
      • The missile and sights can be dismounted and used with the tripod if necessary.
      • While at Strathalbyn he became an expert at making rifle sights and gun stocks as well as colouring rifle and gun barrels.
      • The receiver is of the flat-top variety with an accessory rail that is adaptable to most optical sights.
      • Betsy was out in a flash, and my experienced gunslinger's hand trained the weapon's sights on the killer.
      • The sights are typical Kalashnikov, and more than adequate for their intended usage.
      • There are many schools of thought on the combat use of the Aimpoint and similar optical sights.
      • Today's armoured battle might take place at night, using thermal imaging devices that are in many ways better than optical sights even on a clear day.
      • With a global positioning system, thermal weapon sights and other gadgets, a soldier can immediately identify friends and enemies and see where his shots will hit.
      • There are backup open sights in case the optical sight becomes damaged or is removed.
      • The attachment variation is 16.5 inches in length and uses the host weapon's sights.
      • And they said the same things but they added that some of their weapons, thermal sights and night vision devices needed updating.
      • He climbed a tree he was next to, a tall, thick one that looked out of place, and slowly rotated his sight around, looking for something.
      • Optical sights are not only faster in acquiring a target, but they are also more precise in hitting it than iron sights.
      • The Soviets and Russians have consistently designed sniper weapons with open sights readily usable under the scope.
      • This rifle has a standard 10X daylight scope, but it can also be fitted with a variety of other optical sights.
      • A shipborne version consists of a launcher for six Ataka missiles with stabilised optical sight.
      • Soon there were all sorts of optical sights, lights and lasers hanging on the gun.

    • 5.2(ambition)

      to have sth in one's sights, to have one's sights on sth tener la mira puesta en algo
      • she's set her sights on the gold tiene la mira puesta en la medalla de oro
      • you have to raise your sights tienes que apuntar más alto

  • 6informal

    a (far / damn) sight happier/richer muchísimo más feliz/rico
    • it's a (far / damn) sight better es muchísimo mejor
    • he's a sight too clever se pasa de listo

transitive verb

  • 1

    (ship/land) divisar
    (land/ship) avistar
    (animal/person) ver
  • 2

    (bow/gun) ajustar la mira de