Translation of sign in Spanish:


señal, n.

Pronunciation /saɪn//sʌɪn/


  • 1

    • 1.1(indication)

      señal feminine
      indicio masculine
      signs of improvement señales / indicios de mejoría
      • I'm hungry — that's a good sign! tengo hambre — es (una) buena señal
      • all the signs are that … todo parece indicar que …
      • it was a sure sign of trouble ahead era una señal inequívoca de que se avecinaban problemas
      • that's a sure sign of rain eso significa que sin duda va a llover
      • he showed signs of wanting to leave dio muestras de querer irse
      • he showed little sign of enthusiasm at the news demostró muy poco entusiasmo por la noticia
      • there's no sign of life upstairs yet arriba nadie ha dado señales de vida todavía
      • there's no sign of them yet todavía no han llegado
      • there was no sign of him anywhere no había ni rastro de él
      • If that happens, and the signs are increasingly that it will, a historic turning point will have been reached.
      • It used to be thought that wine drinkers in Britain loved the taste of oak, and that we believed it was a sign of quality.
      • But so far, the signs are that that won't put Kenyans off, voting Kibaki in.
      • The signs were already there, however, that Hawick's pack might hold the key to this victory, because they were dominant in the tight situations.
      • Like future terrorist acts, we can't be absolutely certain what will happen, but all the signs are there.
      • The probe had been due to search for signs of past or present life on Mars using cutting edge technology.
      • The warning signs were present; I just didn't recognize or act on them.
      • The signs were there that the country would not tolerate that, so the attack should have surprised few intelligent people.
      • Today, we can say that parapsychology in our country presents its first signs of maturity.
      • Methane has been found in the Martian atmosphere which scientists say could be a sign of present-day life on Mars.
      • While reluctant to pinpoint the event as a sign of renewed faction fighting, he said police were monitoring the situation.
      • While the signs are that he is taking a vigorous approach to cabinet discipline, we hope to hear soon that he has also done that strategic, visionary thinking.
      • But this time, the signs are very promising that change is on the way.
      • Scottish rugby may still be a long way from this lamentable state of affairs but it could be argued that the warning signs are present.
      • The 1960s were the decade when student revolt became a serious political phenomenon, but small signs of resistance were present before then.
      • All the signs of anxiety were present, and yet he still denied that he cared about how he did in the exams.
      • So if you were hoping all the pointless, stupid controversy of the 2000 election would come to an end after this November, the signs aren't good.
      • The economy is also showing clear signs of recovery after facing several years of cyclical and structural problems.
      • A couple of days after I bought it, I saw the first sign of trouble.
      • Your reaction to your recent birthday may be a sign that you are dissatisfied with your life in more general terms.
      • The signs are that his wish is about to be answered.
      • Are hostile reactions to change a sign that cultural adaptation is already under way?
      • These events provoked the first signs of an intellectual disenchantment in Britain.
      • In the longer term, it is hoped that the strategy will improve customer retention and the signs are that this is happening.
      • All the signs were that they would not co-operate.
      • The reality, according to Leon, was that matric exemption was no longer a sign of quality education.
      • All the signs are, then, that more and more vessels carrying petroleum will be frequenting these waters in coming years.
      • Hemingbrough are struggling to come to terms with life in the top division although the signs are that they are improving despite their reversal at Stockton and Hopgrove.
      • Next, the children drew pictures to represent some signs of spring.
      • The signs are that an even larger storm is coming soon.
      • He had visited Clements at her home to assess the dogs and said neither of them presented any signs of aggressive behaviour, even when he deliberately goaded them.
      • While services have been leading in their global reach, manufacturing industry is also showing signs of global presence.
      • ‘The signs are my game is coming back,’ said Westwood after Muirfield.
      • We see our past achievements as the end results of a clean forward thrust, and our present difficulties as signs of decline and decay.
      • The fund-raisers of South Lakeland and Furness are showing no signs of fatigue as events continue across the district in aid of the Asian earthquake appeal.
      • All the signs are, though, that the merger of CGU with Norwich Union to form the UK's largest insurance company could be good news for York.
      • We haven't seen any clear signs indicating the industry is approaching bottom.
      • These are signs of quality and consistency, backed by total assurance.
      • These are just some of the signs presented in a recent book that point to an unexpected similarity between the wise birds and humans.
      • The signs were that the presidency could ultimately be decided in the big swing states of Ohio and Florida.

    • 1.2(omen)

      presagio masculine

  • 2

    seña feminine
    señal feminine
    to make a sign to sb hacerle una seña / una señal a algn
    • he made signs to us to shut up nos hizo señas para que nos calláramos
    • As expressive off the pitch as he is on it, the tell-tale facial signs which accompany every word uttered paint an informative picture.
    • Staff involved in the scam would have helped customers win using a subtle system of signs and then taken a payback from their winnings.
    • As he was being wheeled off the field, he gave us the thumbs-up sign, which told us to keep playing hard and that he would be all right.
    • He nodded slightly and raised a still gloved left hand to give her a thumbs-up sign along with a weary smile.
    • Not wanting to blow my cover, I gave her an elaborate gang sign using both hands and most of my fingers.
    • When asked what Dad was like in the classroom, she beams and gives the thumbs-up sign.
    • He turned towards her and made the sign of peace.
    • Upon their arrival at the station, Dion was met with claps on the back and countless thumbs-up signs.
    • She was smiling and had both of her hands giving me the thumbs-up sign.
    • With the best control he can muster, he makes the sign of the Median over Caidryn's body and utters a brief prayer for her soul.
    • I resorted to signs and gestures, in a peculiar multi-lingual game of charades.
    • At best, they receive a few quizzical stares, a couple of thumbs-up signs and a desperate waving of white flags.
    • Hunting in small groups, often with other men, they communicated silently as they went, using a wide range of hand and facial signs and gestures.
    • Her hand flew to cover her mouth in the sign of shock and despair.
    • He followed her gaze and hid a grin when he saw a young woman flash a thumbs-up sign at Bella.
    • Some adults gave thumbs-up signs, others watched sullenly as the 60 vehicles, bristling with weapons, crawled past.
    • I just gave him my best peace sign and nodded.
    • When he passed two of the men sitting mid-cabin, he gave a thumbs-up sign.
    • One young guy's apparent crime was holding his fingers in a peace sign in front of the troops.
    • The custom of joining the hands in the sign of prayer is the greeting one receives from a stranger and is unique to Sanatana Dharma.
  • 3

    • 3.1

      (notice, board) letrero masculine
      (notice, board) cartel masculine
      (in demonstration) pancarta feminine
      • They live opposite a flashing sign urging drivers to reduce their speed to 30 mph.
      • At first glance, townspeople would notice 38 signs dotted around the town advertising the zone, if approval comes from the district council.
      • Driving to work this past Sunday evening, I was pulled over by a cop for failing to stop at a stop sign.
      • A sign by the path warned all joggers and walkers to keep to the well lit areas.
      • Many times, a community will ask the local authorities to put in a stop sign or traffic light at a dangerous corner.
      • I saw no cautionary signs let alone stop or give way.
      • Another 32 of the signs are to be placed at strategic points around the city, following on from a similar project that has worked successfully in Leeds.
      • It may be better to hide the cameras themselves and simply have signs warning of their presence.
      • The doctors on duty displayed stickers and signs expressing their solidarity with those on strike and with the demonstrations.
      • Just about every pub displays a sign or notice advising women to keep an eye on their drinks.
      • Nothing was that different from what could be seen in Los Angeles, except that the signs were all in French and there were no SUVs in sight.
      • Government, in the form of traffic lights and stop signs and rules and regulations for driving, is absolutely required.
      • A teenaged driver who has been drinking beer does not notice the stop sign and hits the passenger side of the woman's car.
      • I saw some graffiti yesterday on a street crossing sign.
      • Following it, Alexander presently saw some signs pointing pedestrians in the correct direction.
      • I tried to confine my map-reading to traffic lights and stop signs, I really did.
      • It will be recommended to put up three new real time passenger information signs at bus stops near the station.
      • The parents of a boy hit by a car yards from their front door have refused to take down a series of homemade signs urging drivers to slow down.
      • Around the city, information kiosks have still to be put up while multi-lingual signs at bus stops, along streets and highways are a rarity.
      • The same logo hangs over cabin toilets and on deck rails, with signs urging passengers not to throw trash overboard.

    • 3.2road sign

      señal (vial) feminine

  • 4

    • 4.1(symbol)

      símbolo masculine
      Mathematics signo masculine
      plus/minus sign signo (de) más/menos
      • In claiming, in this book, that language is essentially symbolic, I am alluding to the status of linguistic signs as symbols, rather than as icons or indexes.
      • A symbol is a sign used to represent something other than itself.
      • Ge'ez is easily adapted to melody because each sign represents a syllable.
      • It begins with signs (graphemes and words) building to propositions which attempt to develop perception.
      • The short appoggiatura was then notated by the new sign.
      • The sign hamza also represents a glottal stop and is transliterated in the same way.
      • The earliest forms of writing used simple pictorial signs to represent objects.
      • The linguistic sign is neither conceptual nor phonic, neither thought nor sound.
      • For Lacan, the ego is not the central agency of the personality but a false self haunted by the unconscious and conceptualized around linguistic signs.
      • The website is a brilliant resource for details on various symbols and signs and perfect for sigil ideas.
      • In cuneiform writing, words are represented by signs incised into clay tablets by a wedge-shaped instrument.
      • Thus axioms and theorems can never try to lay down the meaning of a sign or word that occurs in them, but it must already be laid down.
      • Double-bodied, or bi-corporeal signs are those represented by two figures.
      • He writes on a white pad of paper, wavy lines and strange signs, mathematical symbols.
      • The addition signs represent the interaction of the reactants and are used to separate and list the products formed.
      • When using the formula, pay close attention to arithmetic signs and treat them algebraically.
      • This request presented the informant with a problem, for he had no conception of signs representing just a vowel or a consonant, and for a long time his efforts were derided.

    • 4.2Astrology

      signo masculine
      the signs of the zodiac los signos del zodíaco
      • what sign are you? ¿de qué signo eres?
      • Each crop type must then be planted on a day when the moon is in a sign of the zodiac associated with that element.
      • It is the sign associated with intemperance and a craving for emotional excitement and sensuality.
      • In the water signs of Scorpio and Pisces we see a different expression of this energy.
      • If a planet is situated in a sign which opposes its own it is said to be in detriment, a word which literally means to be harmed or damaged.
      • While you experience a smoother flow of energy under the sign of Virgo, you sometimes feel bored by the lack of tension.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (write signature on)
    (check/petition/contract) firmar
    (autograph) firmar
    the nations who signed the treaty los países signatarios del tratado formal
    • to sign one's name firmar
    • a signed copy un ejemplar firmado por el autor
    • a signed confession una confesión por escrito
    • A second possible, but again unusual, situation is where a loan document is signed but requires further agreement on particular matters.
    • He writes it down, signs his name, and hands the paper to a clerk.
    • The council received 21 letters and a petition signed by 122 residents opposing the plan.
    • Unsurprisingly, we are also selling to the Gaddafi government in Libya, another nation which has not signed the Chemical Weapons Convention.
    • He wrote a brief message to her and signed his name in flowing but not too neat script that he obviously hadn't spent time perfecting.
    • Important markets such as the US, Japan and south Korea have not signed the Patents Co-operation Treaty that was designed to harmonise patent rules.
    • That was how he looked when she went down to the mortuary to identify his body and sign the necessary documents.
    • The rest of the detainees wrote and signed a letter that they had witnessed the abuse, and went on a hunger strike.
    • With the dossier we sent to the FSA was a letter signed by me.
    • On her birthday, he sent her a card that was signed by everyone in his unit.
    • On the back of the card the instructor wrote, ‘D. talks too much,’ and signed his name.
    • ‘These homeless are bums, nothing but leeches on society,’ wrote a guy who signed himself Trav.
    • Unfortunately, my prospective employers needed a copy of my degree before they could sign such a contract.
    • Deciding to keep it simple he wrote two quick lines then signed his name.
    • Amos was able to identify the photo of a man whose first name was signed Mohamed, but he could not make out the last name, he said.
    • More than 200 people have already signed their names and written messages of support since the book opened.
    • All the cards were made and signed by the pupils.
    • He signed himself Dave, which may or may not be his real name.
    • He wrote back within the week and signed the letter which her father Peter, 53, is going to frame for her.
    • In fact, only one of the many workers fired for independent union activity has been rehired, and not a single contract has been signed with an independent union.
    • Please show your support by signing your name on the sheet provided.
    • I slid over a crisp dollar bill as my initial deposit, and signed the papers.
    • Personally, I can't remember the last time I wrote in cursive other than signing my name.
    • When you are happy with it, write it down at least twenty times and sign your name to it each time.
    • At one point, the restaurant was giving all people celebrating birthdays a card, signed by the staff, that was also a gift certificate.
    • When the Soviet Union signed the SALT I Treaty, it chose to build its ABM sites around Moscow and Leningrad.
    • But individual letters are more important than signing a petition, so get writing!
    • In May 1972, the United States and the Soviet Union signed the SALT I Agreement.
    • Each one wrote a sentence or two and then signed his name.
    • It eventually worked and I carefully signed my clearest signature for years before having it held up to the light again.
    • She even autographed it, signing George's name as a bonus.
    • They have signed all the autographs, laughed and joked among themselves and smiled upon all who smiled.
    • They don't hesitate to sign petitions, write letters or otherwise share their opinions.
    • I signed the letter with my full name, address, phone number and account number.
    • The judge rejected pleas by more than 4,000 supporters who had signed petitions or written letters on Haddad's behalf.
    • The document is signed by two witnesses, and has the standing of a legally binding agreement.
    • In 1997, the U.S. and 65 other countries signed the Chemical Weapons Convention.
    • Work on restoring the building will start early next year after contracts have been signed and detailed plans have been drawn-up.
    • The singer was one of 52 Irish celebrities who designed and signed their own playing card for the charity - raising funds in their home country.
    • The name changed to Dürer but Albrecht Dürer senior always signed himself Türer rather than Dürer.
    • I'd like to thank the authors who signed their names to the very eloquent letter.
    • Accepting every word, Ford authorized Bennett to sign his name to the statement.
    • Whether sent via e-mail or snail mail, my letters are always signed with the simple title ‘Viewer’ beneath my name.
    • Once this document is signed - which is expected imminently - it's obviously too late to change anything.
    • A ceasefire signed in February 2002 remains in place but talks have been stalled since this April.
    • He had signed the letter with a heart and then written his name in huge letters across the bottom.
    • Yesterday the Minister for the Environment signed the Packaging Accord.
    • She never learned to write and could only sign her name with a cross.
    • He ‘was not concentrating’ when he signed a letter one of his staff had written in reply, which ignored most of her complaints.
    • Parents will be asked to sign the letter before sending it to council officials and public representatives.
    • Outraged by the Government's threat to their sub post offices, people have signed petitions and written letters urging ministers to think again.
    • Truly, every baseball fan should join in, sign a card, send a letter or bake some cookies.
    • Couples sign the partnership document in the presence of two witnesses and a Civil Partnership Registrar.
    • The transfer was valid at the time the document was signed and this has no bearing on the matters at hand.
    • Adnan said the defence team had visited Amrozi in jail today and he signed a document authorising them to appeal the conviction and sentence.
    • An original Copy of the limited-edition book, of which only 1,500 were printed and signed by Wood, is also on display.
    • A user's card then contains their private key and a certificate, signed by the card issuer, to confirm their public key value.
    • They will then be on hand to meet fans, sign autographs and will perform a few hits to entertain the audience.
    • Britain in particular would be far better off signing a free-trade agreement with the USA.
    • We would like to thank the 7,500 people who sent objection letters or signed the petition.
  • 2

    (actor) contratar
    (player) fichar
    (player) contratar
    • He will need to find cover for the start of next season, be it in renewing a contract or signing a new player.
    • Harper is signed through next season, but he might call it quits after this season, even if he helps the Lakers to a championship.
    • Other managements across Europe have continued to sign players who are out of contract or who have been released by their clubs.
    • Will the Hearts manager stay if he has no control over signing new players?
    • According to his adviser there are many other clubs interested in signing the former Gremio player.
    • They spent a year in Oakland trying to get signed to a record label.
    • Bethlehem Records signed her in 1957 and two years later, her heartbreaking version of Gershwin's hit sold over a million records.
    • These clubs often wait for a contract to expire before signing a player, in order to eliminate any transfer fee involved.
    • Also, we signed the band in the 80s, so we had a variety of successes.
    • Two years ago, 860 foreign-born players were signed to professional contracts by major league clubs.
    • Everyone wishes they could have signed their own Velvet Underground; that's the history of the interesting side of rock and roll.
    • He is looking for more offense and has indicated he wants to sign a major free agent.
    • The Aberdeen manager is constantly in the papers talking about signing players who are contracted to other clubs.
    • Over the past three or four months I signed the best players at Barnet on new two year contracts and they are beyond Brentford's price range.
    • With sadness, Hudson told Gazza that he wasn't going to be right for the club and signed the American player Ernie Stewart instead.
    • The Hawks were serious about signing Curry - they had jerseys and specially edited videos made for a two-day visit to Atlanta.
    • The players are signed to long term contracts, and if US interests want the player, they have to pay his team for his services.
    • Colin Todd may ditch plans to sign a left-sided player if he can land two centre forwards.
    • Not since the early 1980s, when they reached two European Cup finals and signed European Player of the Year Keegan, has there been such expectation.
    • The team signed former Bill Jonathan Linton to be the top backup to George.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(write name)

      sign here, please firme aquí, por favor
      • I'll sign for the delivery yo le firmo el recibo

    • 1.2Business

      firmar un contrato
      to sign with sb firmar un contrato con algn
      • to sign with a club firmar un contrato con un club
      • "We just signed to a new label called Anubis, " explains DJ / producer Nabi.
      • Holland moved to the bench when Mayberry signed as a free agent in the off season.
      • The move, coming shortly after she signed to Warners, signalled the opening of a whole new chapter in her life.
      • Perhaps the biggest key to his success is not signing to a major label.
      • I will be visiting Carla shortly to make sure her son signs for Bessbrook United.
      • The band has signed to Primary Voltage Records, who will put out their LP later this year.
      • Flushed with the success of the film, he has just signed to direct the third Harry Potter movie.
      • She has the plain Jane Mallu looks and has signed with two big directors and top heroes.
      • Later I signed with director Vinayan for Satyam opposite Pritviraj.
      • Those that have already signed are defenders Mark Hotte, Steve Baker and Paul Shepherd, with Shaun Rennison poised to join them.
      • Rahman's promoter Cedric Kushner files lawsuits in all directions when the fighter makes attempts to sign with Don King.
      • I just spoke with one of my old high school friends who informed me he had just signed with the 2004 Trek West Coast Factory Team.
      • He also urged greater price transparency so that customers are better informed when deciding to sign with a supplier.

  • 2

    • 2.1(gesture)

      to sign to sb to + inf
      • she signed to me to start/sit down me hizo una seña / una señal para que empezara/me sentara
      • Jess shook her head and signed to Dani, gesturing to Courtney and back to Bran.
      • He signed at her, indicating the direction they were walking in with a vague point of his index finger.

    • 2.2(use sign language)

      comunicarse por señas
      • After ripping a steel sink from its moorings, the ape - famous for using sign language - signed to claim that her tiny pet kitten had done the damage
      • She recently completed a Level One exam in sign-language, and signed to the audience what it means for her to be chosen to enter this competition.
      • Mr Maxwell, whose speciality is French and English starters, can lip read quite well but can only speak a few words, so he relies on signing to communicate.

reflexive verb

  • 1

    she signed herself (as) M. Bell se firmaba M. Bell