Translation of sign-off in Spanish:


cierre de emisión, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsaɪnˌɔf/



  • 1

    (end of day's broadcasting)
    cierre de emisión masculine
    • Also, after watching the end of an episode of The Simpsons today, I realised how important the final producers' sign-off has become.
    • Murrow's exposure of McCarthy is the central subject of the new film by George Clooney, Good Night, and Good Luck - the title of the movie is taken from Murrow's television sign-off.
    • The shows still have glitches, such as sign-offs in which the hosts find they can't announce future guests because they don't have the information in front of them.
    • As a reader notes, I didn't pay sufficient attention to Okrent's sign-off, in which he promises to return after Labor Day.
    • Each meeting ended with her giving the sign-off made famous by the TV series Hill Street Blues: ‘Let's be careful out there.’
    • Ronnie Corbett's much loved chair monologues make a welcome return as does a brand new weekly news update along with the duo's famous sign-off.
    • And finally… It's back to Peter Sissons, but there's no room for a light-hearted sign-off.
    • ‘Sincerely,’ ‘Regards’ or other similar sign-offs are rather safe, all-purpose tools borrowed from the world of postal mail.
    • There is only their maddening sign-off - ‘Can I do anything else to help you today?’
    • As a sign-off, Kunhiraman adds with a hint of a naughty smile in his eyes, ‘only technique and skill can be taught, not the art.’
    • The expletive sign-off might suggest that Burke dashed off her missive in a moment of madness but, in fact, she took an extremely considered approach.
    • I just love Miss Monica Mogoro's sign-off, ‘Until then, I remain with the best’.
    • In a sign-off that had few echoes of a bygone age when BBC radio presenters wore a dinner jacket to address the nation, Zoe Ball trilled: ‘It's over to you, Coxy!’
    • The signature and date are shown below in a scanned image (and this may be the first time that her sign-off has ever been shown to the public).
    • The cinema chain polled branch managers of its nearly 100 complexes around Britain to draw up the epitome of verbal sign-offs.
    • And in his sign-off, the veteran journalist took a parting shot at the industry that increasingly values entertainment over news.
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    (speech, music)
    pieza musical o palabras de despedida