Translation of signature in Spanish:


firma, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪɡnəˌtʃʊr//ˈsɪɡnətʃə//ˈsɪɡnətʃər/


  • 1

    (written name)
    firma feminine
    rúbrica feminine formal
    to put one's signature to a letter/petition firmar una carta/una petición
    • While most signatures were written in longhand, some names were neatly handprinted on blocks.
    • The cheques required two signatures but she often forged the names of colleagues.
    • When he asked to see the cashed cheque, the signature bore no resemblance to his own.
    • Frank starts out small, forging signatures and cheques and soon moves into a rather successful succession of fake identities and fraudulent cheques.
    • His was one of two required signatures on the cheque.
    • A petition is nothing more than a list of names, addresses and signatures with your cause written at the top of each page.
    • So popular he is that people, young and old, rush in a stampede to collect a baseball hat bearing his name and signatures of his trainer and jockey.
    • Six years later, his name appeared as the second of 25 signatures on a document requesting the incorporation of Richmond.
    • Although he accepted the signature was on the cheque, he maintains he must have signed it with no knowledge of its true purpose.
    • The analysis concluded that the signature on the document was ‘very similar’ to Chen's.
    • The group began with the signed letter of September 5 with more than 800 signatures and verified the names and identification.
    • Were the legislature of the view that a reliable document bearing the signature of its author would be sufficient to operate as a testamentary instrument, it could have so legislated.
    • To obtain voter credentials (in Mexico), the citizen must present a photo, write a signature and give a thumbprint.
    • This decision was given the legal sanction in a rather drab ritual at the marriage registrar's office, with a few friends to witness and append their signatures on the documents as required.
    • Because of his poor sight, and the fact that he has had a stroke, he has difficulty in writing his signature so I hold a power of attorney to deal with his affairs.
    • It may be concluded that the signature of a painter is the key to determine whether his painting is original or not.
    • Seven per cent confessed to assuming another person's identity through forging their signature on letters or cheques.
    • His signature was written nicely at the end of the letter, and I could actually understand what the words meant.
    • We also went back to the 1600s to find signatures on letters written by Cassini and Christian Huygens.
    • The pen is used mostly to write signatures, while picking up the Chinese brush, which is difficult and inconvenient to use, is rarer still.
  • 2US

    (on prescription)
    indicaciones para el paciente feminine
    • If famotidine is used for reasons other than the two criteria described below, the attending physician will also need to provide a signature and an explanation for the use of famotidine.
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    • 3.1Printing
      (binding guide)

      signatura feminine
      • The signature ensured that a large sheet of paper printed on a press could be folded, gathered, bound, and cut with the leaves in the proper order.

    • 3.2Printing

      pliego masculine
      • After sewing the signatures to your end papers, attach to the game book by gluing the whole piece down.
      • This format once was regarded as forgivable, back when illustrations were printed in separate signatures on better paper, which these are not.
      • I spilled a whole pot of glue on a stack of signatures, spoiling the pages.
      • When I'm satisfied with my compositions, I begin adhering the pockets and card stock pages to the card stock signatures.
      • To make the inside signatures fold copy paper in half the long way.