Translation of signature tune in Spanish:

signature tune

sintonía, n.



  • 1

    sintonía feminine
    cortina musical feminine Southern Cone
    • Radio 3 just played the Dolly Suite which, as all you people of a certain age will know, was the signature tune for Listen With Mother.
    • For the past 40 years, the man behind the instantly-recognisable opening bars of the soap opera's signature tune has modestly kept quiet about his claim to fame.
    • The more skillful the ad, the more memorable its signature tune, the deeper the impression it creates.
    • The announcer would say a quick ‘good afternoon to you ‘and the final verse of the station signature tune would be heard with clock mixing to company symbol over the final fanfare.’
    • For an encore he sang Ghost Riders in the Sky; it became his signature tune.
    • To count the birds, scientists have to record the signature tune of each male in a pair, to tell them apart.
    • Whitfield had to again step aside for the next year-and-a-half as Smokey Robinson cranked out hit after hit for the group including their signature tune, ‘My Girl.’
    • A standard part of Wagner's style was the leitmotif, which is, at a very basic level, a signature tune that comes from the orchestra, denoting the psychological situation on stage.
    • In the 1920s and 30s, when broadcasting, dance bands and light orchestras commonly used a signature tune, frequently played at the end of a programme and sometimes at the beginning.
    • Tully adopted the Harry Belafonte calypso hit of the late 1950s Yellow Bird as his signature tune - it is a song that will always be associated with Tully Curry by those who knew him.
    • ‘Her signature tune was ‘Softly Wakes My Heart’, from Samson et Dalila,’ he says.
    • Now, Glenn Miller as every jazz enthusiast will know, is the legendary U.S. trombonist and bandleader whose signature tune was Moonlight Serenade.
    • The waltz is certainly the signature tune of Vienna.
    • Strong chorus-singing steals the show on John Collier, while the signature tune is toe-tapping stuff - bluesy, ballsy and a frenzy of feathers and glitz.
    • The music chosen as the station signature tune and used for the first twelve years of daily start-up routines was almost jolly, but retained a strong regional flavour.
    • One of these people turns out to be the official Artist In Residence for the band Alabama Three, who are best known for doing the signature tune for The Sopranos.
    • Here her signature tune is a heartbreaking lament of missed opportunities, but it is just one of 26 songs on this lavish double album - among them the definitive renditions of That's Entertainment!
    • The world-class clarinetist claims the unique achievement of having the first ever simultaneous number one in Britain and the USA with his unforgettable signature tune, Stranger on the Shore.
    • The Sleeping Beauty has long been considered the signature tune of Britain's Royal Ballet.
    • Lotis auditioned with Get Happy, a song which remains his signature tune to this day and was booked for the show within an hour.