Translation of signify in Spanish:


significar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪɡnəˌfaɪ//ˈsɪɡnɪfʌɪ/

transitive verbsignified, signifies, signifying

  • 1

    (denote, mean)
    querer decir
    • It makes it an offence to wear in any public place or at any public meeting a uniform signifying association with any political organisation or with the promotion of any political object.
    • Not that symbols signifying vowels don't exist; they were invented some time ago.
    • He holds a garland of morning glories, a personal emblem signifying affection and awakening, while leaves and acorns from the scrub oak of the land are a sign of courage and independence.
    • On a spiritual level, I think ending one's own life signifies a fundamental misunderstanding of life's purpose.
    • Carefully check, too, for any rashes or flaky skin on the scalp - which could signify anything from scalp ringworm to dermatitis.
    • On the other hand, it is not supposed to signify anything more than that; it is not a statement on whether the price that the products fetch in the market and the quantity that the firm sells are acceptable.
    • It had the Red Tractor symbol signifying it was produced to farm assured standards in the UK.
    • The fact that Evelyn is female doesn't, to me, signify anything more to me than what her gender is.
    • He was dressed in magnificent robes, the edges of which were marked with various symbols and designs, all signifying royalty.
    • The image of the plough signifies the end of the pioneer era and the end of their adolescence.
    • Hockey is used, in its symbolic form, to signify national unity and a national sense of purpose and community.
    • Directly in front of Julius were the uniform and the weapons of the deceased General Brice, symbolically placed to signify the end of the war.
    • Subsequent analyses of the extinction episodes have convinced most experts that the average time between catastrophes varies too greatly to signify anything truly periodic.
    • Having character - as distinguished from having specified character traits - signifies a more fundamental moral determination of self than do the virtues.
    • Frank Laffey, Teagasc National Farm Safety Specialist and chairman of the Farm Safety Partnership Group, said the figures signify the continuing tragedy of death and injury on our farms.
    • He scuffed his feet against the wood floor tauntingly, shifting his weight around rapidly as if to signify a first move.
    • Lately she'd sighed an awful lot, that troubled sigh that signifies the strain of carrying a secret burden.
    • Other inscribed symbols on the slates are a star-like design that she believes means unity and a flower image that may signify two men loving the same woman.
    • It might seem surprising to some that a singer/actor born and bred in Tacoma, Washington, might function symbolically to signify the South.
    • If anything signifies the overseas success of South Korean cinema, it's that Hollywood has finally sat up and taken notice.
    • There are also cross-references, and a star symbol signifies that a particular site has been singled out by the editors for its special beauty, atmosphere or cultural interest.
    • It's a West African symbol that signifies the importance of learning from the past.
    • In addition to signifying sagehood and wilderness travel, the staff also carries meaning as a potent tool in Daoist lore, where it plays various roles to assist the adept's escape from the earthly world.
    • Frank Griswold and the Trinity Institute have used the image to signify both our rootedness in tradition and our innovation within it.
    • The stone-built wall at the rooftop patio has the shape of five rays signifying the five elements.
    • There were a few fallen trees in the roads and puddles; nothing else signified the terrible storm from the night.
    • Fallon insisted, though, the decision does not signify a failure of the company's strategy to attract developers.
    • I will adorn my face and arms with day-glo flowers and whatever other groovy symbols signify the sixties.
    • But if the Yankees haven't won a World Series since 2000, why should their defeat this year signify anything?
    • Rudy Cardenas's brother kissed the stairs of the courthouse, I think signifying that justice had been served.
    • Nevertheless, it was a smile that held no weight, for it signified a thought contradictory to its purpose.
    • Mandala, Sanskrit for ‘circle’, is a coloured sand circle, and an old and universal symbol that signifies peace.
    • The title of student does not signify an individual with fewer capabilities or less commitment.
    • Briefly, this symbol signifies a harmonic connection between two notes in a melody.
    • Although nothing much is known about Tshongolo, the fact that he is Western Cape's middleweight champion and is rated number six in the country, signifies his boxing ability.
    • Everybody from small children to old people recognises that a red man signifies danger when crossing a road.
    • The mirror image signifies a real threat to social relations in this play as the body looks only upon itself and does not make links with the bodies which surround it.
    • The garments were made from pieces of material donated by each family signifying some sentimental value to a member of the family, living or deceased.
    • Thus, for both mitochondrial and chloroplastidial DNA, a ratio of mean standardized distances exceeding unity signifies a higher paternal rate.
    • On one side of the tablet are many individual entries of numbers accompanied by pictorial symbols, probably signifying the objects being counted or the names of persons.
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    (pleasure/approval/consent) expresar

intransitive verbsignified, signifies, signifying

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    tener importancia
    • We know by now that these fateful peculiarities, right after the credits, need not necessarily signify.
    • CFDs allow investors to own shares at a percentage of the actual cost of ownership, but do not necessarily signify for voting purposes.