Translation of signpost in Spanish:


señal, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsaɪnˌpoʊst//ˈsʌɪnpəʊst/


  • 1

    señal feminine
    poste indicador masculine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (point to) señalar
    (draw attention to) destacar
    • If the bureau cannot offer direct help and advice, they can signpost people to the relevant statutory or specialist bodies to offer assistance.
    • Follow the narrow road past Gavieside Nursery, and the entrance to Allandale Tarn is clearly signposted on the right.
    • Roadford Reservoir is clearly signposted from the A30.
    • Yet the problem seems to have been clearly signposted in her department back to September last year.
    • The reservoir is signposted on the Holmfirth Road, east of Greenfield village.
    • Despite the roadworks on the A360 visitors can reach the vineyard from the West Lavington crossroads where the vineyard is signposted.
    • Before signposting some alternative policy approaches, let me throw some cold water on the doom and gloom predictions as they stand.
    • Once there, Raemoir is clearly signposted before you hit the town centre - the tiny hamlet is about two miles outside Banchory.
    • The museum is clearly signposted on roads into York.
    • Malham is signposted and reached by minor lanes north of the A65 at Hellifield (between Settle and Gargrave).
    • She signposts areas where evidence is lacking and spotlights the more fanciful assumptions.
    • She said people had been contacting her initially with an email or telephone call; the next step was to establish how best she could assist, whether it was helping to signpost people in the right direction or to fill out an application form.
    • Areas where first aid can be received will be clearly signposted.
    • The National Glass Centre is signposted from A19 from York, and also easily accessible by rail.
    • Alfian agreed, but he signposted the missing scenes with leitmotifs and distributed to the audience the excised portions of the script.
    • A well worn path led towards the small town prominently signposted The Great Poet's Cottage, while another path in the other direction led to The Suburbs, amongst other places.
    • Sites promoted as tourist attractions are usually signposted from main roads; look out for brown-coloured ‘tourist signs’.
    • The hotel is a mile further to the right and the driveway is clearly signposted.
    • In each of the chapters the subsections are well signposted and the contents flow comfortably from one topic to another.
    • The Ballyhoura mountain range is the most popular local venue for hill walking and Griston Bog is signposted in Ballylanders.
  • 2British

    Motor Vehicles
    places of interest are well signposted los lugares de interés están bien señalizados
    • The company liaised with Leeds City Council to enable the A64M slip road next to the site to be closed and arranged for a diversion to be signposted to ensure motorists were not inconvenienced.
    • The courses are signposted and marshalled, and there will be regular checkpoints with refreshments available.
    • The reef is just a few metres from the shore and you can take a car and shore-dive most of the sites, each of which is clearly signposted with yellow stones.
    • The route will be clearly signposted and it is planned that artworks will feature on off-road sections, an idea promoted by national cycle route charity Sustrans.
    • The area will be well signposted and tour guides will assist members of the public.
    • The event will be signposted from Master McGrath's statue on the Lismore to Waterford road.
    • Access to the picnic area is at the main entrance to the woodlands, at Belleek, and the route will be signposted.
    • All of these changes will be signposted to help drivers.
    • Car parking will be signposted well in advance of entrance to the venue.
    • The main public entrance on the east side is signposted by a huge canopy that draws visitors into a long, vaulted undercroft containing an exhibition space, cafe and shop.
    • Proceed by this narrow road towards the forestry plantation, arriving at an obvious car park, where the route to the falls is signposted.
    • The Clyde Valley Tourist route is signposted from Hamilton in the north to Abington in the south and follows the course of the river as it meanders past some of Scotland's most popular tourist towns.
    • Other business leaders said Bolton is badly signposted, with visitors from the North often being misdirected by signs at Kearsley roundabout, and little or no signs in the centre itself.
    • It's a relatively short walk, is well signposted, and the quality of the view is out of all proportion to the minimum effort required to climb up there.
    • The Czech, Slovak and Hungarian mountains and countryside are well signposted for walkers and drivers.
    • An alternative route via Potato Market and Kennedy Avenue will be signposted.
    • A number of road closures will be in place from midnight on Thursday, March 11, and the diversions will be signposted.
    • Once at the ground everything is clearly signposted and there are dozens of stewards and officials pointing fans in the right direction.
    • The park is signposted throughout and illustrates plants and wildlife through words and pictures.
    • The walk will be well signposted and there will be plenty of help for those who cannot complete the walk.