Translation of silhouette in Spanish:


silueta, n.

Pronunciation /ˌsɪlʊˈɛt//ˌsɪluˈɛt/


  • 1

    silueta feminine
    to see sth in silhouette ver la silueta de algo
    • The path wound its way to a summit; the route being marked by a chain of cairns, on the highest of which a trident had been placed so that its silhouette was visible from far below.
    • Tall, leafless trees outlined the pathway, their silhouettes shockingly dark against the snow.
    • Walls were painted in earth tones, with silhouettes in darker tones of masked dancers in performance.
    • The dark silhouette of an imposing dome, still covered with scaffolding, can be seen through a snowstorm.
    • I saw some footage of the dark silhouette of New York city: just the outline in the night.
    • Tim was just starting to cross the grounds, the dark silhouette of the school outlined in the moonlight, when a gasping voice whispered in the shadows.
    • The design of their silhouettes against the light background with full windows is reminiscent of a Japanese screen.
    • As she looked over towards Erik, Maria could only make out his silhouette in the dim light.
    • Dark silhouettes lurched crazily in the flickering light, while the pub doors creaked and slammed threatrically in the wind.
    • ‘You always manage to look beautiful,’ he complimented her, admiring her silhouette in the dim light.
    • At first sight, it was dark and only faint silhouettes could be seen with the faint light radiating from the doorway.
    • Flurries of snow drift down gently outside our windows, through which we can just make out the dark silhouettes of the surrounding peaks.
    • He anxiously glanced back over his shoulder and saw that the dark silhouettes of countless stumbling figures were pouring into the car park after him.
    • There was a pale light inside and a shadow stood before the light, the silhouette of a child.
    • As I was laying there on the cool grass, looking up at the starlit and crescent moon sky and dark silhouettes of roses, I felt more at peace than I had in awhile.
    • The fledgling flung himself in, clothes and all, and Arun wished he had brought bait and line as he saw the dark silhouettes of trout duck away into the shadows.
    • A silhouette shadowed the light for a moment, and then a torch bracket in the wall was lit.
    • The dark silhouettes of palm trees stood out against a deepening magenta sky.
    • They dive down deep and look for prey that appear as dark silhouettes against the brighter underside of the ice.
    • It is in the painting that Sheeler arrived at the flawless balance of shapes, the alternating rhythms of light and dark forms and of silhouettes and delicately modulated surfaces.
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    silueta feminine
    • And the t-shirt design is funny: all black silhouettes with one white one.
    • Perhaps because the original inspiration for the silhouettes lies in book-size illustrations, the modest scale suits these works perfectly.
    • One subtle touch is a handmade mobile - two wire coat hangers dangling with familiar slam-dunking silhouettes cut from black construction paper.
    • These works are positives, so the amphibians are sharp, black silhouettes.
    • On four large glass sheets, Urquhart has painted in black the silhouettes of a tailor's dummy, a piano, a desk and a garden.
    • Sugiura often uses the photogram as a paper negative to print a positive, in which the subject becomes a black silhouette.
    • She's done so through her now trademark silhouettes, large black paper cut-outs set against stark white walls.
    • Among the items on view are paintings, drawings, prints, posters, sculptures, zinc silhouettes and ephemera.
    • One lady said she decorated cards with black paper silhouettes on CDs.
    • Photographers made use of the pandanus to lend striking silhouettes to black and white photographs of Reef twilight.
    • Like Guston, Komarin deploys a set of singular motifs and cartoonish silhouettes that appear frequently in his works.
    • The focus is certainly on subtlety, with easy simple shapes, and feminine silhouettes forming most of the collection.
    • In one painting enigmatically titled Hoovering, there appears to be a black silhouette of a rabbit.
    • The ad has little black Victorian silhouettes and a pineapple as its logo.
    • The method is found in many periods of art from the silhouettes of hands in palaeolithic cave paintings, in Egyptian art, and on Greek vases.
    • I opened the closet, and picked out a Hawaiian shirt at random, this one being red with black silhouettes of dragons on it.
    • The artwork is replete with puns that play on the shapes and silhouettes of individual motifs.
    • Participants indicate the silhouette that most closely resembles their perceived body shape, and the silhouette which best represents their ideal figure.
    • On the screen was a white silhouette against a black backdrop.
    • The new trick - the key to the work - is that Periton now underlays each black silhouette with an exact replica made in a dayglo tone of pink, orange, green or red.

transitive verb

  • 1

    to be silhouetted against sth perfilarse / recortarse contra/sobre algo literary