Translation of silky in Spanish:


sedoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪlki//ˈsɪlki/

adjectivesilkier, silkiest

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    (like silk)
    (fur/fabric) sedoso
    (fabric/fur) como de seda
    as adverb silky smooth suave como la seda
    • The soft silky fabric was cool on her warm skin.
    • He came out on stage, wearing a silky, champagne-coloured pirate blouse.
    • She takes me upstairs and opens a chest, out of which she takes scraps of shiny, silky fabric.
    • Not exactly, but I've always had a soft spot for that silky sheen that comes with fresh plaster.
    • The gel-creme formula goes on smoothly and soaks in instantly, leaving you feeling silky soft.
    • Of the materials, satin and cotton are the most important, but silk and a silky touch are not forgotten.
    • The skin is fried to a crisp, while the spices permeate the soft, silky flesh of the fish.
    • The crumbly polenta nicely counters the silky red peppers, and the fresh butter adds a sweet kick.
    • The banana leaf is ready for it's next step when the top is shiny green/brown and has a silky texture.
    • And after all that scrubbing the surface is silky soft.
    • She wore a light dress made of silky blue fabric, the color of an extremely pale robin's egg.
    • It had white walls and wooden floor tiles with racks of silky dresses and sheer see-through tops and scarves.
    • Cut the mushrooms in quarters and stir them in with the onions, letting it all cook until it's silky soft, yet barely coloured.
    • I like the highlights they give me and they make my hair feel very soft and silky.
    • The aubergines should be very soft and silky but not actually falling apart.
    • Nowadays short and sweet are what women want, and girls dream to have silky, short and bouncy hair.
    • Flowery decorations in the silky fabrics reflect femininity in a perfect way.
    • She even has a look of Mata Hari, with her hair tamed into a silky curtain that complements her black designer suit and kitten heels.
    • Nevertheless, it looks, feels and sounds silky, and is simplicity itself.
    • Luckily due to the silky texture and reasonable staying power, there was no danger of such a nightmarish scenario.
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