Translation of silly in Spanish:


tonto, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈsɪli//ˈsɪli/

adjectivesilliest, sillier

  • 1

    (person) tonto
    (person) bobo informal
    (idea/remark) tonto
    (hat/name) ridículo
    (laugh/grin) tonto
    (laugh/grin) estúpido
    you silly fool! ¡imbécil!
    • you silly girl! ¡tonta!
    • that was a very silly thing to say/do lo que dijiste/hiciste fue una tontería
    • they were silly (little) mistakes eran errores muy tontos
    • don't do anything silly while Daddy's out no hagas tonterías mientras papá no está
    • I felt a bit silly when she told me who she was me sentí de lo más tonto cuando me dijo quién era
    • you look silly in that hat! ¡estás ridícula con ese sombrero!
    • to make sb look silly dejar en ridículo a algn
    • how silly of me to forget! ¡qué tonta soy! ¿cómo me pude olvidar?
    • silly me! ¡cómo soy menso!
    • Yes, it is all a bit familiar - but, sadly, nowhere near as delightfully absurd and unrepentantly silly as the Ghostbusters movies.
    • The bombast, condescension, arrogance and swagger all seems slightly silly in retrospect.
    • We will always end up looking slightly silly, because we will be dealing with them after the event, when all the protagonists have run for cover and it is very difficult to get to the basis of what happened.
    • We are frail, we are human, we make mistakes, we do foolish things, silly things.
    • They are truly silly, absurd films, intended primarily to make people laugh.
    • What I can't understand is why we just can't leave people to live their lives in peace, unscathed by our silly, ridiculous prejudices.
    • Monday's story in the Wall Street Journal about Academy DVD screeners and their vulnerability to piracy was slightly silly.
    • I don't have any obvious answers to this riddle - or at least, none that aren't wearing silly tinfoil hats.
    • So it was a history of Britain with lots of silly jokes.
    • There's a skinny, floppy-haired scamp on stage wearing a slightly silly outfit.
    • A seriously slight but enjoyably silly teen hit manages to deliver a healthy second dose of college chuckles - without changing a thing.
    • It was silly, extremely foolish and childish of me.
    • This silly man is being abused, ridiculed and punished for having flouted his own moral principles, and then being idiotic enough to confess it.
    • She felt slightly silly, saying these things in front of her husband, but didn't care.
    • The cartoons inject humour, while the writing is crystal-clear and direct - it never relies on silly jokes and is never patronising.
    • Obviously this is silly and common sense must prevail, so it is the interpretation of the law that becomes all-important, but it is in this interpretation where we have the inconsistency.
    • I felt slightly silly as I remained in my chair, watching everyone dancing and having fun.
    • It's a very bold move, and some would suggest a slightly silly one.
    • I had assumed that everyone (and Jessica in particular) would understand my comment as a silly joke.
    • She would guide me through the difficult parts and ridicule my silly mistakes.
  • 2informal

    (out of one's senses)
    to scare sb silly darle un susto de muerte a algn
    • the blow knocked me silly el golpe me dejó atontado / alelado
    • I drank myself silly me agarré una borrachera de padre y señor mío
    • He drank himself silly and had to take a cab home.
    • But she still worried herself silly every time a visit was coming up.

nounPlural sillies


  • 1

    bobo masculine informal
    boba feminine informal
    tonto masculine
    tonta feminine
    • Apparently, 1/3 of American men have not had a checkup in the past year, you sillies.
    • Quit interrupting the news bulletin in that infuriating manner when you don't actually have any results at all to hand, sillies.
    • Then he says huitlacoche is corn fungus, not a nervous breakdown, sillies.